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I managed to get back  all that I had published for the last 4 years and  import  ,export, or whatever……………..whew!!   I can now start out again without  having to worry  if  it was to get turned off and a black page in front of me…………Once it looks a little more friendly (this is pretty bland!), I’ll be back with some new pics of places we want to go or  places to just relax, after all, thats what retirement should consist of, although we have been busy, too busy…………….time to plan some fun stuff! Thank you all for stopping in!

Happy Trails!!

Summer 2014 is here

Good morning everyone!!
An update for all that check in on this blog from time to time……Last August, we found out that the space that I call my truck shop and my husband called his machine shop (shared) was needed for another tennant and since I was going to retire anyway after the first of the year, we both decided, yes, this needed to take place now…….but , where would we even start? Well , with Nov. 1st the deadline I started out quickly getting my trailer and then tractor ready for selling…….something I could hardly even consider doing but none the less, it must be done…………………parting with the trailer was a little difficult because it  was so set up for me……..tons of winches and scales on both axels etc. but I knew someone would snatch it up quick and they did…the tractor was really kind of hard to part with but all in all I did not want it to sit around here and not be used and so while talking to so many people that were interested because it was a gem of a classic truck and 20 years with one owner,  someone surprisingly quite close to my home ended up with it and I see it every once in awhile coming at me and still hauling loads up here in the NW. That makes me smile!!!!!
Anyway, I was just informed that the server for this blog is closing out these formats for blogs and I have decided to find another host and continue with what a RETIRED, over the road trucker can find out there that may be interesting to some far from here and near. Every place has its marvelous uniqueness and I know some fun spots that I didn’t get to completely explore because when trucking, I needed time and a place to park, lol………….now I have both and hope you come along for some rest and relaxation………we both traded some of our equipment for a new boat for fishing and being out on the water…should be fun…..


6-17-2014      6-17-2014 (2)


I will keep the same name on this for finding this on the web….and try to get new hosting in the next few days and will try to put on here where it is before they close this format out……..thanks……
Happy Trails!!

Better late than never……. Recap of the last trip

This trip was actually quite profitable even though some of them were short. Sometimes that can be a hindrance since more loading and unloading takes place and that takes up extra days and the  average  goes awry . Long haul miles are usually less per mile but not always……..and when you happen upon those loads you can pick up extra money! And with long haul (2000 and over or coast to coast) you mainly have to drive, drive , drive with all days filled and no chance to miss a day of loaded miles……….

   This trip started in Northern Oregon to Salt Lake City, Ut.(large beer making vessel)——then——southern Ut. to Portland, Or.(used conveyor belting)—–then————–Portland, Oregon (no deadhead  or, unloaded miles which is good)—-to eastern Texas,  (oil drillling equipment)———-then———Houston, Tx. with 2 pickups there to northern West Virginia (oil drilling equipment)———-then————southeastern Pennsylvania (200 mile deadhead) to Sacramento, Ca. area( largest man lift, #45,000)———then north of  Sacramento,Ca.(no deadhead)  to eastern Oregon up on the Columbia River(huge air handler for a creamery up there that was part of a system going into a remodel).

   A few stats:     ———————-30 border crossings
                                                        1572 –gallons of fuel (around $6400.00)
                                                        $ 66.45—Tolls
                                                          27 days out
                                                          9327 total miles
                                                           $300- 400 for maintenance and repairs

   On July 1st, new hours of service will start. Beginning then ,at the end of 168 hours of on duty status and on duty not driving status (those are added together at the end of each day) the log book must show 2 entries of  being in the sleeper between 1am to 5am on two consecutive days (along with 10 hours in between duty status) which must total 34 hours before the driver can resume on duty status  which will clear out  the log book for the next bunch of hours)…………This means if you need to get going by 6am at the end of this 34 hour period, you need to figure  out when you need to stop so it will jive with when you need to leave from your current position…………..more regulations to live with out there………….tons  of govt. in our lives…..their way of trying to get us to be more like 9 to 5 ers. I am so happy that I was fortunate enough in my career of trucking to have been able to handle my own life, time driving, sleep, fun, meals,fueling, etc. with sensible rules!!! If I needed to leave at 2:30am in order to get into West LA from the Riverside area and I was out of hours soon, I could figure it out myself and make sure the rest I needed to get to be safe, I got…………… now , the roads will be loaded with big trucks during rush hour and it will take more of commercial drivers time to get from here to there and if you have oversize on its even worse in some instances. I do realize we all need sleep but I stand with my original comment, truck drivers are not like the average person in so many ways, we pop in and out of large metropolitan  areas and rural communities when most people are fast asleep and are getting up at 7:30 or 8am to be to work at 9am. We start at any time and don’t get finished UNTIL its DONE for the day. We don’t punch out and go home. Can u imagine being 50 to 100 miles from home and your own bed and not be able to get there for 34 hours and you run out of hours at noon because your log book says you must be in the sleeper between 1 and 5 am for two nites……much more difficult and stressful which come into the equation. That is not good either……..I just say make it sensible!!!!

   Fairly good freight this time and now am home and we can finish painting our home (Daddy-o broke his wrists just before starting that project last summer).Our daughter has moved to the Tenn. area for about a year  yet and then on to the East Coast where they have a home to go to after a temp job with  military. That has taken some of my energy away for awhile but it is best for them and  that is what counts……We will have a great place to visit and have fun together! Summer is here and we are all ready!!

Happy Trails!!




Mon. unload and the next one postponed til Wed……


   1 1/2 days of sitting around but enjoying the weather…………when calling in on Mon. after unloading, I found out they were not ready for at least a couple days. I didn’t want to sit around til then so looked for something else but after thinking about it for a few hours, I decided it wasn’t worth it and recommitted to this load. I really need to get out of the NW so i don’t have to pay the road tax that Oregon has in effect. It’s about $.25 for every mile you run in the state and I had already been in and out of the state twice (quarterly tax). It adds up fast and it comes out of my settlement right off the top………..grrrr. One good thing is that my log book cleared out after 34 hours off. (restart). There are new rules coming out for hours of service on July 1 that are really so over the top that I and many have doubts that any money could ever be made with these things coming into effect……more on that later……..

   Finally landed in Eastern Oregon by 10pm (mountain time now). The weather is mild with the windows open and only a few engines running quite far off, luckily not beside me.
   Six dignified elk stood on a plain along the interstate while getting here. They  just looked our way and then went back to grazing as more than one truck  honked as they went by……..beautiful animals!

   I know now that since we couldn’t load on Mon. , we won’t get to Texas until Sunday or Mon. I was hoping before to get there by possibly by Thurs. and be able to get paid on Fri. but to no avail. Probably meant to be………there is a rumor of crane parts going to West Virginia the first part of the week , we’ll see……..I suppose I’ll take that if it comes up. Freight is light again and most have had the rates cut by others………..

Happy Trails!!

This is the wonderful load that came up from the closed coal mine in Ut., lol, but money is money…………
coalmine load--salina's king 006


coming back out of the mine, down about 20 miles of 4%- 5% grade, mostly easy with gentle braking……..5-15-2013 (2)

and this interesting figure wishing everyone well as they leave this area. I haven’t found out about him yet, but he has been there a long time……



Truck’n and going South

Monday Early:
   We have made one round from the Portland, Or. area to Salt Lake City and back with loading the last load in the SE section of the state of Ut at a closed coal mine that was being reclaimed and all machinery sold. Quite interesting since this particular mine was the last one from this company (Ohio) to close because of lack of revenue since this administration took office. 200 jobs lost  and quite a small community there.The  guy that loaded these two loads going here had worked there 40 years and he was ready to retire but most were not. This is used converyor  belting and is very heavy. I have 11 rolls on and will deliver this about 8 am this morning. 
    An agent called yesterday quick to let me know that a company here in the Portland area will be loading  about 4 trucks for the Texas area with crane parts and then head out on the same interstate as these last 2 loads. That sometimes happens but we both are sick of running these roads as no new things to look at……
    The weather has been drizzley  most of the night but no wind and fairly quiet  with just a few engines running but none around us where we are parked………..
This was the load to Salt Lake City on Wed………
 Will post more hopefully  2morrow.
    Happy Trails!!    

Everything is fine, just super busy………


    Hard to imagine time going by this fast and realizing  that summer is just around the corner. Freight has been so good since leaving the NW. It was somewhat hard to get out of there but since then , I”ve been running every day hard and not wanting to break athe cycle just yet…….

   Since March 24, we got a load from Baltimore, Md. to Seattle……..
march 25: finished the Pa. load—200 miles
March 26:—-521 miles—load in Baltimore, Md ( Daddy-o was not allowed into the port and had to stand at the bathrooms for 4 hours while I loaded and came out. they only allow one person in?????? It was during that snow storm in the East )
March 27——563 miles
March 28—–522 miles
March 29—–403 miles, fuel….. truck is running great……..
March 30—–464 miles……. ended in the Spokane area for the nite………..
march31——276 miles……… can’t go into Seatttle as no where to park…….
April  1——–272 miles……… unload and reload in Silverdale , Wa. (scientific equipment)  at a top secret base that  does their own background check before ever entering ……… this one goes to Central Texas  (Tues) 2326  paid miles and I want to get this off by Friday morning so I have my best chance to get reloaded before the weekend…………
April 2——-725 miles—-we land in Evanston , Wy. that night………………
April 3———619 miles——-we call home on old Hwy #287 in central Co. for the evening
April4———-598 miles——can’t stop at my favorite cow town steak house, no time (Armadillo Grill) great sirloin!!!!!!! next time!!!!!! I need to get thru Fort Worth………
April5———287 miles——-fuel——-unload at another top secret building at the university in Central Texas……another agent calls with something that will get me more miles so, yes……… load in  the Waco area (backhoes) by 12:30pm and we are out of there by 3:30pm but both us are bushed so we fine a spot about 30 miles south of where i think I’ll cut over to the west and head into the wind………… a great Mexican restaurant  with Spanish Mariauchi  band and thirst quenching Margarita’s with slivers of salt around the edge of the glass, sleep and an  oh so good breeze thru the screens, we fall asleep satisfied…………this load has a stopoff in the desert of Southern Ca.n  and then onto LA. and I want to get this off on Monday so…… (1458 miles)
April 6————–594 miles—— El Paso, TX. is our home for that night……….. (Sat)
April 7————555 miles——–6:30am…..As we ease out of the parking lot and up to I10 to get on westbound, a slender, skinny woman is standing at the exit for the Eastbound exit and is the most pathetic homeless that i have seen in a long time and she has a small dog to keep her company and is feeding him a corn chip for food. Completely filthy and absoutely on her last leg, scabs all over her face and has that no hope look on her face that makes me take a second evaluation and I tell Daddy-o that I must call for some aid to this lost soul……..911 gets me to the El Paso police and they turn it over the sheriff as I explain and they have an officer on the way…….I can’t drive away sometimes, this one got the best of us.  Get this girl some aid!  hopefully she would take whatever she was offered……………..fuel………
April 8———-up early,    80 miles—– and unload at the first stopoff ——then 150 miles
 to the final stop——unload———in the meantime , there has been 60 mile per hour winds with rain and  dust storm in the desert and stop for athe night at a casino. An agent has offered me something to Ok. and that is a good area to go to so we will load in the morning at a military base———crane mats—-

Happy Trails!!!!

Busy girl this week……..

Sunday night……………
 Being parked early was just what the doctor ordered as we both needed a little time to veg…….
Tuesday——load—–385 miles
Wed———-567 miles
Thurs.——–557 miles—fuel
Friday——–579 ———-fuel
Saturday——366  miles
Sunday——–234 miles—-today was a day I needed to get to the truck stop I wanted to get to in order to get a place to park  for the night……….and we were here by 2;30PM.  Almost every load that requires a New England destination, like this one does, I carefully estimate whether it would be lucrative to drop down to Indianapolis and go over with no tolls( I65,- I70-I79-I68) or take the Turnpikes in In., Oh., and Pa. All have substantial tolls!  This load began in the Seattle area(northern US) and is going to central Pennsylvania so that makes sense to stay as close to the Chicago area and down and around and into In. and Oh. as far north as possible so I figured out as close as possible, how much it would cost me to run the toll roads and decided, yes, this time I will do it…………. Normally I would drop down from Chicago to Indianapolis and go East from there to West Virginia and into Maryland but since Pa. is north of there, too many extra miles and when you figure how many extra miles divided by the # of miles you get per gallon,  times about$4.10 or so per gallon, you come up with about the same it would cost in tolls…………$184.00 conservatively. Less wear and tear on equipment and not nearly as much braking that happens on I68 in Maryland. It’s up and down and up and down there………
    Coming thru the Midwest, it was a chilly 8 degrees in the morning but no wind to speak of. Clear and cold. the APU ran all night and kept the engine warm and easily ready to go with the RPM bumped up to about 900 for a short time. Then we were off and down the road.
spending $800.00 in a fuel station…….grrrrrrrrrr  not nice!
a beautiful sunrise on  Thurs morning…….
   This load is a no tarp load and is primer painted so it’s not too serious if a scratch or something of that nature happens. They will be painting it their colors.It’s  parts for a Hyster machine. Will get a pic of it tomorrow before unloading . It’s about #35000 and rides nicely.
THE CASH BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Trails!!!!

Looking for a good paying load…….

   I thought that I would be able to get going on Friday but I still have a couple things to get done before I can leave so after this weekend, I’ll get going…. I looked online at our board and there does seem to be freight out there to some extent but not much in the NW so maybe by Monday it will change. I want to go East or Southeast and there is quite abit of weather out there right now so I’ll let that pass by and start in then……..There was one load going to Ca. but I don’t want to go there first thing out!! I did that last time and I don’t want to go thru that again. No way! Texas would be good or something of that nature. I’ll wait a little. In the meantime , we have to change out the tarps to lumber tarps that have 8′ drops on the truck. I have 6′ drop tarps (plywood tarps) on right now(they are lighter and easier to handle) but last time I missed a load because I didn’t have the big ones on (insulation) and you never know when you need them. I just don’t like to handle those big tarps (100 lbs.) each, even on the deck of the trailer when I don’t have to. Forklifts put them up on top of the load if I am required to tarp and I have been lucky lately to get no tarp freight but that doesn’t always happen.and so i just got alittle over confident that that would continue…….I’ll grab a 12 ‘er to go along with the big ones that  way if i get a shorty to tarp , I may be able to use that along with another, you never know………Altogether I have : lunber tarps—1 @ 26′ and 1@24″,  and plywood tarps: 1 @ 25′ (that one was extended out a couple of feet so I could use these on 35-46′ load but short) and 1@22’. Then I also have 2- 12’er’s with 6′ drops  that were used on the pup trailer (20′ trailer) I had in the beginning. So I usually throw those on with either just for versatility. I have black stretchy rope on the eyelets on the flaps so I can grab and tie a knot quickly , then pull the big flap over those two side flaps and bungie ( I have a million) from the sides of those and back. Two tarps for each load, the back tarp goes on first , then the front one goes on because that one goes over the seam in the middle of the load. Keeps out all water , dirt, air, mud , ice (by the way , they are frozen when you take them off at the consignee in the winter, fun……..really fun putting them on in the winter,haha) Straps are frozen too , fun………..
 Happy Trails!!

An excursion to the National Park south of Key West

   A few days down to Key West was clearly something that we didn’t want to miss so we started  out  fairly early on Sat. morning so we could take our time and check out certain things along the way. I was a little  apprehensive about parking down there since most people fly to get there as all the hotels tell you that there is alternate parking here or there. That is a clue……….But when booking this hotel, they mentioned that we probably would have a place  to park so I took their word for it.
    The wind was from the SE on that day and as we walked out of the hotel, it felt like about 65 to 70, so nice to have it breezy and warm instead of rainy and cold. The drive took us  over a couple of toll roads but there was a SunPass sticker on the rental car we had so we flew on by the toll booths…….  
   Getting further South we came into Key West and stopped at the first welcome center and boy, were we glad we did. They had some especially good  offers at some of the clubs and bars downtown for the duration of our stay. Lots of rum in this area and rum barrels al a cart went well with sweet smelling seafood later that evening. Also margarita’s at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville.
    While checking in at our hotel, the clerk advised bicycles or scooters to rent instead of trying to park downtown. That could get expensive! So we rented bicycles for a couple days and away we went  with a map in hand……..
   My altime want to do while in Florida has always been to go out to the Dry Tortuga’s. This is a National Park about 70 miles from the Keys. I made arrangements while checking in at the hotel and she made the reservations. A little costly but nonetheless, we were going to go! Only thing is , we had to be at the dock by 7am the next morning  so we made a dry run on our bicycles before going downtown the evening before……This should be interesting since it will be dark out yet and we have no lights on the bikes and there was a cold front going by even this far south and we only had a fleece along for warmth. Luckily the day before was the coldest and that day turned out to be about 78 later in the afternoon……….
    We left out room early and hoped to stop for a donut or anything that would work for a snack before getting on the huge motor craft and taking Bonine (sea sickness meds) on an empty stomach…….grrrr. No such luck, this is a night town and not a morning town so?????   But when getting signed in at the boat, they said we would be served breakfast AND lunch so not to worry! Perfect!
   This is Fort Jefferson out in the middle of nowhere that is rich in history and to top it all off, we had an excellent  tour guide along with being able to walk around as we pleased and could go swimming or snorkeling. Lunch served on the boat from 11-1pm. Be back on the boat by 2:30pm and back to the Keys by 5:30pm.
   Here are some of the beautiful views from Historic Fort Jefferson:

This boat brought us, along with about 100 more, very smooth and accommodating!3-1-2013-2

Approaching the fort……..This fort was started in the early 1800’s
3-1-2013-3         3-1-2013-4
3-1-2013-6        3-1-2013-7

Daddy-o checking out the bottom floor…..
3-1-2013-8       3-1-2013-9

sparkling water!!!!
3-1-20133-11      3-1-2013-12

outside our window while having lunch……….
3-1-2013-13        3-1-2013-14

hauling patooty on the way back……….

A cute cruise ship waiting to board for somewhere……………

Side note: There is one crocodile  in the moat that came with a storm a few years back………………

Happy Trails!!