Beginning vacation pics arriving in Paris, then onto Great Britain….

We had stayed the night before our flight about an hour from our home , in a new hotel that is close to the one at the airport we usually stay in because on the vacation before this one, our car was stolen from the parking lot,…………….(a park and ride hotel where u can drive to the hotel with your own car and leave it for however long you need to in the parking lot, for a nominal fee of course but is way cheaper than airport parking. You make out a slip saying when you arrived and when you will be back along with your license number and phone number… problem, right?…… There is an attendant that drives the lot a couple of times a day to check and see if your car is fine………well, that’s all fine and dandy  if your car is there but if it isn’t they ASSUME that you came in early and left…. they don’t call you to make  sure that you came back early…… In that case we were going to be gone for about 3 weeks……… The police think it was either that same night or the next when it was stolen…….so onto the airport we went the next morning for our flight and we didn’t really check too much that morning)……..when we arrived back after 3 weeks, NO CAR!!!!  so it was out who knows  where all that time and they found it in a bunch of trees about 25 miles from the hotel……one good thing is, they didn’t wreck it or demolish the inside, just stole the rims and tires, tach and left it sitting on the ground until the tow truck came and put it in a yard….it cost about $2000. grand or more to get it back and running…I’m still fueding about that!!)……………….

We wanted be close to the airport just in case traffic decided to get hectic and wouldn’t be able to get there in time. Anyway , this time we took the shuttle up instead of our car….We don’t like to take the shuttle because when a person gets home from a trip,  you don’t want to wait around for transportation, you just want to get home NOW!…but with all that going on the last time, we can’t trust doing that again.

Ok , enough about that! Excited to get to Paris, we checked the guide books some and went across the street for some supper and some good microbrew before turning in for the night, not having to worry about our vehicle in the slightest…………Goodnight!

Arriving in Paris about 6am,(overnight flight) we managed to get the RER Train into Paris and had a pretty good idea where the nearest metro station was to our hotel, we studied the map over and over and finally found it tucked away alongside a blvd park……12pm……..nice but anyone that has stayed in these hotels know your not getting out in case of a fire…..ugah, no way……forget about it , it probably won’t happen, lol……a quick nap and we were ready for some good food , wine and people watching…….this would be only one night in Paris, bullet train to London at 8:40am (was much cheaper to fly to Paris for the taxes $50.00 both,–instead of $250.00 each into London  (carbon tax) besides we wanted to take the bullet train just for fun…only about 2.5 hours, no big deal………….here is some of the views from a sidewalk cafe’ we picked………..By the way, we had been to Paris before so that’s why we are taking the train out so soon and don’t feel like we need to stay , after all our vacation is meant to be in Great Britain and Ireland……..London here we come!!!!


Busy Paris street just a half block from our Metro station from the hotel……..pretty French buildings mostly apartments with stores below…..nice warm afternoon










green cross (drugstore)here......we have these at home too but that because pot is legal now....haha
green cross (drugstore)here……we have these at home too but that because pot is legal now …….haha









interesting, ambulance making really loud siren noise
interesting, ambulance making really loud siren noise









Paris firetruck.....they come out of the bottom of an apartment't want to live there
Paris firetruck…..they come out of the bottom of an apartment house……..wouldn’t want to live there









sidewalk cafe'
sidewalk cafe’
















bartenders and menu for this openair cafe'....75 degrees out
bartenders and menu for this openair cafe’….75 degrees out









blvd park just outside the front of our hotel.......leaves will be popping out soon
blvd park just outside the front of our hotel…….leaves will be popping out soon









busy corner, people shopping
busy corner, people shopping








Pretty building along the way
Pretty building along the way








Tomorrow we get on the Bullet Train for London……We will be there by 11:30am…….just in time for lunch!


Happy Trails!!!










































































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