Traveling and a new camera in my possession!

Just as I was getting ready for a marvelous trek to Great Britain and wondering what to take pictures of first to share on this blog, I realized that my camera was no longer really up to date! I went to get another scan disk for extra photos and could only get a 2 gig disk…….The new ones can take as many as 7 or 8 thousand pics!!! Wow! this is something I want to look into!!!!………..And could not get an extra battery for  next day use without getting one online and not from the corner store so I was introduced to this little gem Nikon and had to have it……

My new camera!!
My new camera!!








Stay tuned for pics from the British Isles in the next few weeks….Since I retired, I now have some extra time to be Grama and still travel and not be at work…..keep on truck’n………

Happy Trails!!   MJ

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