Christmas Eve- 2014


It’s still dark out and I was just thinking about what Christmas Eve  was like when I was a kid……I looked in all the catalogs for weeks to try and figure out what I wanted the most…….In the sixties we didn’t have big department stores around, at least not where I came from (a town of 500) and it was cold cold winter out (Midwest) sometimes below zero so the windows were usually frosted over thick with white frost (only single pane windows then). I would scratch through the frost and put my fingers on the glass so it would melt there to look through and check to see what was going on uptown (we only lived 1 block from Main St.). All white out from fresh snow and the big elm trees with no leaves and only the black bark showing, waving in the wind with drifted snow rising up in all around and blowing to the Southwest. Maybe a county snow plow making it’s way down Main St. and a few cars with white vapors coming out the tailpipe, trialing in the wind but that was all………our tree was up in the living room and under it was a bunch of presents……I had shaken any of them with my name on it a dozen times…….ummmmmm……….what the heck it that??? I would think. Then finally after sunset, maybe around 6:30pm or so , my dad would say “I think I heard something in the back bedroom” so I would go see and check out those frosted windows back there……In the meantime, of course , now I know that while I was in the bedroom , Santa had come from the front door, with a loud smack,  and brought presents, then gone in a flash……my parents asking me if I had seen him in the sleigh from the bedroom……”No, I missed him again!!!!” Dang!!….Now it didn’t matter… was time open those presents!! We tore off that paper and threw it aside as fast as we could to see all the new stuff that we could play with……..Finally it was Christmas Eve!!!!!

Everyone have a Merry Christmas and look back on all those wonderful times…..Love it!!!

Happy Trails!!  MJ