Christmas at Busch Gardens with family

While on vacation to the East Coast, our daughter suggested that all of us go to Busch Gardens for all the beautiful Christmas lights and festive  atmosphere………about 12 of us quickly said yes! and while it took some time to get the tickets lined up, evening soon fell on the park and the lights shown from far away as we all parked and climbed out of our vehicles to start our way into the world of colored landscapes and Santa dancing all around in and out of the fast rides that were open, but not all,that we could get into and felt  like a kid once more


…….I said” I can’t go on anything that goes around fast” but when I got to them, I realized that the Tilt-A-Whirl ride I’d riden years ago was still  one of the funest rides I’d remembered and hopped on anyway! My two little grandkids were having the time of their lives and so was I …..I liked it still!!!!!! Next , we went on the Tea Cups and another ride that was like an

The Alps ride, very fun!
The Alps ride, very fun!

Alps ride going up and down and around, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world! And the  best part, I didn’t get sick, haha……….




Some of us had split up as teenagers wanted to do” other ” things rather than what some of the little kids wanted so a little later we all met up inside the large Busch Gardens building for some food and drink……In this building , there were some production shows that lasted about 15 minutes each,  sharing Christmas themes with loud music that added to the Christmas theme around the park. Many wooden picnic tables and sliding benches, maybe a 100 were in this huge building  that was in out of the weather (chilly 40 degrees or so outside ) and people could walk up to the cubicle dinner areas and order food and beer, then sit back down and watch the entertainment for awhile and warm up……that was perfect with little ones and then we were ready for more lights and fun………



Of course, a beautiful reminder of why we celebrate this important Season in the first place………….



All in all , it was a perfect evening for all of us to get together and ride the rides, look at the lights , handle the beautiful wooden soldiers in the gift stores and  remember how fun this night was and being with the ones we love over this Christmas Season…………



Happy Trails!!  MJ