Early Morning Walk

This morning after breakfast, I popped out the back door like most mornings that are not completely windy and pouring rain….if so,then I don’t go …….I don’t mind just the dribbling or a light mist or even straight down shower and not windy but if it’s windy AND rainy, I consider it a skip it , day…..Since fall is finally here and we usually don’t  have severe weather this soon,  I took my phone along just in case I see something worthy to share with everyone that checks in on this site……50″s out and a cool breeze in my face is superb for a half hour fast walk. The trees are discarding their leaves for the year and it’s a reminder of our wet weather ahead…….I don’t really mind though because coming from the Midwest and being raised there, it seems mighty mild compared……..We usually have about 2 weeks of below freezing  temps in Jan. but that’s mostly it, so if we want to go somewhere for a month or so , no problem with leaving the house .

I had the whole walking trail to myself today and since it’s only a few blocks from home , I like to figure out what my day will consist of by doing this almost everyday……. 789 791 792 793 794 795 796 797 798 799 800 801 802 803


Happy Trails!!