one day before check in…….

  LaPage Camp Park--9-14 009             LaPage Camp Park--9-14 008


LaPage Camp Park--9-14 007


We were off again for a place that we had never camped at until now . The night before check in was spent down below one of the many dams that we were going to stay at for 2 weeks…….The weather was superb since no rain was forcast until 5 days later…….We met my brother and wife  not far from this spot and together found a nice , flat place that our rigs could easily get into behind each other……it was a pleasant afternoon, late in the day and we all pulled out one of our lawn chairs to sit by the river and drink a cold one in the shade…….we would get some supper a little later but for now we relaxed and visited about what we were going to do when we got to the campground just about 2 miles from here on the upper “lake”  (above the dam) which stretches about 80 miles upstream…….salmon are here in the river and everyone is thinking about getting that whopper……….but would any of us have any luck, as we have had no rain yet and the salmon, on their way to their spawning grounds, won’t bite much until they feel that cold water on their nose! All you can do is troll ,troll and troll………….we’ll see…….



Happy Trails!!




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