Early morning beauty!!!!!!

peeking out of camper this morning and what a view in front of me!
peeking out of camper this morning and what a view in front of me!


The boat looks like it wants to try one more day for that BIG one….our cooler is full and we are content after breakfast……time to head out……..


Lapage- racoons-barge-geese-mink-fishing-9-24-14 051                        Lapage- racoons-barge-geese-mink-fishing-9-24-14 030


Happy Trails!!        MJ

A little frustrating watching the Native Indians scooping up salmon…..

Fairness……………..I have to wonder…………gill nets spread out across the river day and night


Lapage- racoons-barge-geese-mink-fishing-9-24-14 058               Lapage- racoons-barge-geese-mink-fishing-9-24-14 061


While the sport fisherman must crimp the hooks on their pole for barbless hooks only,  in the Columbia,  along with all the regulations …….one little hook going thru the water up against  gill nets……..puuuuuuuaaaaaaaa Yes, it’s their livelyhood…….whatever….Don’t get me started

Very cool wildlife along both of these rivers…..

While fishing , this afternoon brought out these 3 racoons that came down the water for a little foraging……

Lapage- racoons-barge-geese-mink-fishing-9-24-14 022                        Lapage- racoons-barge-geese-mink-fishing-9-24-14 024


Lapage- racoons-barge-geese-mink-fishing-9-24-14 020                    Lapage- racoons-barge-geese-mink-fishing-9-24-14 021


Lapage- racoons-barge-geese-mink-fishing-9-24-14 019                   Lapage- racoons-barge-geese-mink-fishing-9-24-14 017


They were having fun together!       Then on the way back , I think it was a Heron sunning itself, and didn’t bother to fly away…….


Lapage- racoons-barge-geese-mink-fishing-9-24-14 013


One ity bity dark brown mink that is really hard to see on a shore rock, drinking  water from the river on this hot day…….


Lapage- racoons-barge-geese-mink-fishing-9-24-14 053,


A few pan fish today, that we both really like but no salmon. A couple of perch and bass, supper tonight!


Lapage- racoons-barge-geese-mink-fishing-9-24-14 034                  Lapage- racoons-barge-geese-mink-fishing-9-24-14 031


All in all , a beautiful day on the John Day and Columbia Rivers…………


Lapage- racoons-barge-geese-mink-fishing-9-24-14 049


Happy Trails!!        MJ

Water is getting too warm for salmon…..where is the rain????

After launching  and exploring the river somewhat, we noticed that the temp of the water is up to 69 or 70 degrees!  That is way to warm for active salmon to bite…they like it cold around 55 or so and rain would bring the temp down at least a few degrees but we give it all we have for the next 10 days…….


LaPage Camp Park--9-14 033                  LaPage Camp Park--9-14 047


LaPage Camp Park--9-14 055             Lapage- racoons-barge-geese-mink-fishing-9-24-14 036


Swimming was great in the hot weather and decided to call it a day……took the boat out and made some margarita’s!! Ole!!


Happy Trails!!      MJ



waterside camping right on the river……….nice

LaPage Camp Park--9-14 063


This part of the Columbia River Gorge is very different from the Western side of the state……much more arid and the temps run quite abit warmer. The forecast was for low 90’s and it was right  on the button even though it was fall. No rain forcast yet but we didn’t care since setting up camp isn’t the easiest in the mud….WE arrived about noon and sure enough , no one was in our site so we backed in and arranged for camper, boat, and pickups , all pretty long for these sites. We have a canopy for the picnic table and that keeps most of the leaves, dust and tree droppings at bay while there. I also have lighting with candles etc. that get hung out for the evenings.


LaPage Camp Park--9-14 023             LaPage Camp Park--9-14 059


Tomorrow we launch and fish……This place requires us to get the boat out every day also because the parking lot is questionable at night. The Indians have they’re part of the lot with tents etc. and whole families are there and they come and go all night, as they fish with gill nets and harvest salmon by the container full…….No problem, we are getting good at launching and retrieving……


, Happy Trails!!



one day before check in…….

  LaPage Camp Park--9-14 009             LaPage Camp Park--9-14 008


LaPage Camp Park--9-14 007


We were off again for a place that we had never camped at until now . The night before check in was spent down below one of the many dams that we were going to stay at for 2 weeks…….The weather was superb since no rain was forcast until 5 days later…….We met my brother and wife  not far from this spot and together found a nice , flat place that our rigs could easily get into behind each other……it was a pleasant afternoon, late in the day and we all pulled out one of our lawn chairs to sit by the river and drink a cold one in the shade…….we would get some supper a little later but for now we relaxed and visited about what we were going to do when we got to the campground just about 2 miles from here on the upper “lake”  (above the dam) which stretches about 80 miles upstream…….salmon are here in the river and everyone is thinking about getting that whopper……….but would any of us have any luck, as we have had no rain yet and the salmon, on their way to their spawning grounds, won’t bite much until they feel that cold water on their nose! All you can do is troll ,troll and troll………….we’ll see…….



Happy Trails!!