A week of fishing and it paid off this time!!

Just arrived back from a week on a mountain lake where the elevation was about 4800′. We were going fishing for Kokane, which is a land locked Sockeye Salmon. They are very good eating  and this lake is know for it’s Kokane. There is also Huge Lake Trout here but those can be down to 150′ I figured that it would be chilly but not in the least except there was a small front coming up from the South and was forcast to be around up there in a couple days, maybe a slight chance of rain. The first day we checked in, found our camp spot and took the camper off, pluged in,put up the canopy over the table and unloaded the firewood that we brought from the house(we are trying to get rid of extra wood from cutting down a couple of junk trees where we needed to build an extra shed for a workplace) and went to launch the boat. Since never launching from there before and knowing that this lake is very deep, maybe 250′ in some places  we didn’t realize that the boat launch right at the resort was real  shallow right where you have to launch and you need to get the boat right in the middle and back out straight into deeper water……NOW we know, as right after the boat comes off the trailer, its only 2′ and we drug on the bottom. Daddy-o was a little concerned because the boat is new and of course didn’t want any problems but all was well and we found our moorage and parked. It usually takes us a few hours to accomplish all this and by that time it’s beer time……since we know what we are fishing for(we have a bunch of lures that are known to work for these) but have never fished for them yet, we wonder down to the store at the resort and check to see what they have hanging on the wall (every lake can be different). Sure enough , we have most of it………we think….

The next morning we sleep in and get out on the lake about 10am………Nothing!   everybody else is at the fish cleaning station and had scads of fish…..so later in the afternoon, I go back in the log cabin store with picknik tables out front for all the hikers that come off the Pacific Crest Trail, and get talking to one of the guys that work there and he steers me to the right lures. Small , bright orange, or pink lures that we don’t happen to have along. And he said you have to be out on the lake by 5 or 5:30 because they only bite for a couple hours and they then disappear?????

OKAY…….its still dark out and we need a flashlite to get to the lake as I see a few small lites in some of the RV’s which means people are shuffeling around, getting up to get to there boats and out on the lake. As we come onto the pier, I can see just a glimpse of twightlight and am thinking this should be about right…..The stern cover comes off and folds up fine while Daddy-o starts the big motor and the little one for warming up. Around 50 degrees out so we are dressed pretty warm but I didn’t bring my good ol standby, down wintercoat  and no gloves……dang………(we hardly ever go fishing that early). As we back out , it’s getting more light out and about three boats are already out there. Now , this lake is very deep , and the fish on the fishfinder say about 60-75′ so once we get trolling at a slow enough speed, we drop our line down (about 8 oz. of weight) and watch the line counter saying, 20-30-40-50-60-74′, stop the bail quickly and we look at each other and say” Whose going to get the first one?”  It’s not long and one of us gets one ……..pretty nice fish too . They run about 12″-14″  or so and really like to jump off just before getting in the boat! That day we got 6, the next day , we got 22, the next day, we got 26…… we were tired and needed a day off by that time but was soooo much fun.


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early morning, about 5″30am                                              light busting thru with fog on the lake

Odell Lake fishing-7-25-14 022       Odell Lake fishing-7-25-14 007



Odell Lake fishing-7-25-14 005          Odell Lake fishing-7-25-14 025


Odell Lake fishing-7-25-14 001         Odell Lake fishing-7-25-14 026

morning coming tru                                                                    resort and snow capped mountains


Odell Lake fishing-7-25-14 030         Odell Lake fishing-7-25-14 011

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh the catch                                                    after cleaning…..(that’s a bunch to clean!)


Odell Lake fishing-7-25-14 038          Odell Lake fishing-7-25-14 036

our camp while there                                                                   I do dishes outside

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Daddy-o getting campfire ready for supper…………….just the right temp…


camper rig pics for wordpress header 021      Odell Lake fishing-7-25-14 019

Supper                                                                                               Resort and lake


Odell Lake fishing-7-25-14 020          camper rig pics for wordpress header 019




Odell Lake fishing-7-25-14 028


Happy Trails!!!

Getting alittle further on with joining the past blog and the new blog…..



All past pics have been loaded back onto entries (that took a couple days)  and now I can devote the next couple of days to making this look more inviting to all that check in……We just arrived back from a local fishing trip   in the mountains for a week and I have some interesting pics to share. Camping and great bonfires are always satisfying…….Will be posting periodically…….should be fun, I like to take pics of ordinary sites…..


Happy Trails!!