Summer 2014 is here

Good morning everyone!!
An update for all that check in on this blog from time to time……Last August, we found out that the space that I call my truck shop and my husband called his machine shop (shared) was needed for another tennant and since I was going to retire anyway after the first of the year, we both decided, yes, this needed to take place now…….but , where would we even start? Well , with Nov. 1st the deadline I started out quickly getting my trailer and then tractor ready for selling…….something I could hardly even consider doing but none the less, it must be done…………………parting with the trailer was a little difficult because it  was so set up for me……..tons of winches and scales on both axels etc. but I knew someone would snatch it up quick and they did…the tractor was really kind of hard to part with but all in all I did not want it to sit around here and not be used and so while talking to so many people that were interested because it was a gem of a classic truck and 20 years with one owner,  someone surprisingly quite close to my home ended up with it and I see it every once in awhile coming at me and still hauling loads up here in the NW. That makes me smile!!!!!
Anyway, I was just informed that the server for this blog is closing out these formats for blogs and I have decided to find another host and continue with what a RETIRED, over the road trucker can find out there that may be interesting to some far from here and near. Every place has its marvelous uniqueness and I know some fun spots that I didn’t get to completely explore because when trucking, I needed time and a place to park, lol………….now I have both and hope you come along for some rest and relaxation………we both traded some of our equipment for a new boat for fishing and being out on the water…should be fun…..


6-17-2014      6-17-2014 (2)


I will keep the same name on this for finding this on the web….and try to get new hosting in the next few days and will try to put on here where it is before they close this format out……..thanks……
Happy Trails!!

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