Better late than never……. Recap of the last trip

This trip was actually quite profitable even though some of them were short. Sometimes that can be a hindrance since more loading and unloading takes place and that takes up extra days and the  average  goes awry . Long haul miles are usually less per mile but not always……..and when you happen upon those loads you can pick up extra money! And with long haul (2000 and over or coast to coast) you mainly have to drive, drive , drive with all days filled and no chance to miss a day of loaded miles……….

   This trip started in Northern Oregon to Salt Lake City, Ut.(large beer making vessel)——then——southern Ut. to Portland, Or.(used conveyor belting)—–then————–Portland, Oregon (no deadhead  or, unloaded miles which is good)—-to eastern Texas,  (oil drillling equipment)———-then———Houston, Tx. with 2 pickups there to northern West Virginia (oil drilling equipment)———-then————southeastern Pennsylvania (200 mile deadhead) to Sacramento, Ca. area( largest man lift, #45,000)———then north of  Sacramento,Ca.(no deadhead)  to eastern Oregon up on the Columbia River(huge air handler for a creamery up there that was part of a system going into a remodel).

   A few stats:     ———————-30 border crossings
                                                        1572 –gallons of fuel (around $6400.00)
                                                        $ 66.45—Tolls
                                                          27 days out
                                                          9327 total miles
                                                           $300- 400 for maintenance and repairs

   On July 1st, new hours of service will start. Beginning then ,at the end of 168 hours of on duty status and on duty not driving status (those are added together at the end of each day) the log book must show 2 entries of  being in the sleeper between 1am to 5am on two consecutive days (along with 10 hours in between duty status) which must total 34 hours before the driver can resume on duty status  which will clear out  the log book for the next bunch of hours)…………This means if you need to get going by 6am at the end of this 34 hour period, you need to figure  out when you need to stop so it will jive with when you need to leave from your current position…………..more regulations to live with out there………….tons  of govt. in our lives…..their way of trying to get us to be more like 9 to 5 ers. I am so happy that I was fortunate enough in my career of trucking to have been able to handle my own life, time driving, sleep, fun, meals,fueling, etc. with sensible rules!!! If I needed to leave at 2:30am in order to get into West LA from the Riverside area and I was out of hours soon, I could figure it out myself and make sure the rest I needed to get to be safe, I got…………… now , the roads will be loaded with big trucks during rush hour and it will take more of commercial drivers time to get from here to there and if you have oversize on its even worse in some instances. I do realize we all need sleep but I stand with my original comment, truck drivers are not like the average person in so many ways, we pop in and out of large metropolitan  areas and rural communities when most people are fast asleep and are getting up at 7:30 or 8am to be to work at 9am. We start at any time and don’t get finished UNTIL its DONE for the day. We don’t punch out and go home. Can u imagine being 50 to 100 miles from home and your own bed and not be able to get there for 34 hours and you run out of hours at noon because your log book says you must be in the sleeper between 1 and 5 am for two nites……much more difficult and stressful which come into the equation. That is not good either……..I just say make it sensible!!!!

   Fairly good freight this time and now am home and we can finish painting our home (Daddy-o broke his wrists just before starting that project last summer).Our daughter has moved to the Tenn. area for about a year  yet and then on to the East Coast where they have a home to go to after a temp job with  military. That has taken some of my energy away for awhile but it is best for them and  that is what counts……We will have a great place to visit and have fun together! Summer is here and we are all ready!!

Happy Trails!!