Truck’n and going South

Monday Early:
   We have made one round from the Portland, Or. area to Salt Lake City and back with loading the last load in the SE section of the state of Ut at a closed coal mine that was being reclaimed and all machinery sold. Quite interesting since this particular mine was the last one from this company (Ohio) to close because of lack of revenue since this administration took office. 200 jobs lost  and quite a small community there.The  guy that loaded these two loads going here had worked there 40 years and he was ready to retire but most were not. This is used converyor  belting and is very heavy. I have 11 rolls on and will deliver this about 8 am this morning. 
    An agent called yesterday quick to let me know that a company here in the Portland area will be loading  about 4 trucks for the Texas area with crane parts and then head out on the same interstate as these last 2 loads. That sometimes happens but we both are sick of running these roads as no new things to look at……
    The weather has been drizzley  most of the night but no wind and fairly quiet  with just a few engines running but none around us where we are parked………..
This was the load to Salt Lake City on Wed………
 Will post more hopefully  2morrow.
    Happy Trails!!    

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