Busy girl this week……..

Sunday night……………
 Being parked early was just what the doctor ordered as we both needed a little time to veg…….
Tuesday——load—–385 miles
Wed———-567 miles
Thurs.——–557 miles—fuel
Friday——–579 ———-fuel
Saturday——366  miles
Sunday——–234 miles—-today was a day I needed to get to the truck stop I wanted to get to in order to get a place to park  for the night……….and we were here by 2;30PM.  Almost every load that requires a New England destination, like this one does, I carefully estimate whether it would be lucrative to drop down to Indianapolis and go over with no tolls( I65,- I70-I79-I68) or take the Turnpikes in In., Oh., and Pa. All have substantial tolls!  This load began in the Seattle area(northern US) and is going to central Pennsylvania so that makes sense to stay as close to the Chicago area and down and around and into In. and Oh. as far north as possible so I figured out as close as possible, how much it would cost me to run the toll roads and decided, yes, this time I will do it…………. Normally I would drop down from Chicago to Indianapolis and go East from there to West Virginia and into Maryland but since Pa. is north of there, too many extra miles and when you figure how many extra miles divided by the # of miles you get per gallon,  times about$4.10 or so per gallon, you come up with about the same it would cost in tolls…………$184.00 conservatively. Less wear and tear on equipment and not nearly as much braking that happens on I68 in Maryland. It’s up and down and up and down there………
    Coming thru the Midwest, it was a chilly 8 degrees in the morning but no wind to speak of. Clear and cold. the APU ran all night and kept the engine warm and easily ready to go with the RPM bumped up to about 900 for a short time. Then we were off and down the road.
spending $800.00 in a fuel station…….grrrrrrrrrr  not nice!
a beautiful sunrise on  Thurs morning…….
   This load is a no tarp load and is primer painted so it’s not too serious if a scratch or something of that nature happens. They will be painting it their colors.It’s  parts for a Hyster machine. Will get a pic of it tomorrow before unloading . It’s about #35000 and rides nicely.
THE CASH BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Trails!!!!

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