Antisipating some Florida sunshine ………………….

   While working and planning a trip to Florida for Feb., I couldn’t wait for the day to come. We had only thought about it but this last summer I figured it was time to do it. I busily planning airline tickets, times and stop offs, lodging and how many days in each place…….now was the day for it all to take place and I wouldn’t have to be working while being there, which you can really never properly take advantage of  the setting without taxi’s etc. and a place to park the truck and feel somewhat safe leaving all the gear on the truck . Most of the time , when I leave the truck for a day or two, I chain the tarps to the deck and padlock all tool boxes but the headache rack is always vunerable with all the chains and ( about 15—10′ and 20′ ers) just hanging there. you have to trust that no one will help themselves.
   We decided to go up to the airport and stay the night in a hotel as the flight departed at 6am with boarding starting at 5:15am. Since we are 1 1/2 hours from the airport, it just seemed like too much of a hassel to start from home. Besides, this hotel will let you park your car for 14 days along with the hotel rate and it isn’t much more than parking at the airport lot and we wouldn’t have to drive so early and get up so early, A  perfect match….We had dinner out at our favorite German restaurant along with a stein of rich , dark, Collabrator that has all the flavors of a 7.6% bottoms up, smilely ale. ( I have to find a clone receipe for that one!) Liver and onions  for me and Daddy-o had weiny’s (3) and a big , fat pretzel with salt crystals pasted on the outside and a dark brown color, warmed to go with the meal. They also come as a fondu pot,  of melted white cheddar and dipping forks, totaly fattening!
   Back to our hotel room and watched tv for a little while and then a 3:30am wake up call………   nite nite………..
   It was pouring out and being typical Oregon…….Sunshine ahead by tomorrow nite at 5:15pm in Florida! Had been especially icky out with wind AND rain and snow level was down to 2000′.
   Happy Trails!!

luck changed on Wed…………


   Just getting the truck ready for anything that might come our way, an agent called and asked me if I would be interested in a quicky shorthhaul from the Bay area to a small town just 10 miles up the road to a carbon plant there, waiting for a 1 foot thick door, 17 ‘ long and 9’3″ wide which would be oversize and so I said I would take it. At least something to do for the day and make a little money. Permits were ordered and the OD dept. said Ca. was still slow but hopefully by the end of the day they would be here. When we arrived, 4 guys on 4 fork lifts, each on one end of the door, lifted it up and I backed under it , no problem…….. next waiting for the permits was about all I could take and by 1:30pm , the consignee called to say they go home at 2:30pm  and could I make it over by then? I had 2 of the permits and the third was on its way so we traveled up the freeway and were there in  15 minutes. Unloaded in a jif and in the meantime , someone else called about a container going up to the NW and since we are going on a weeks vacation to Florida soon, I jumped at this one and he said it would load in the morning but was in southern Ca. so we had a pretty big deadhead.  This whole trip , which started out ok, ended up as alot of waste and I was not happy about it……grrrrrrrrr. I will start over when home from vacation around the 1 st of March and NOT go to Ca. I have about had it with that state!

   Thurs. 7am

   Loading at this container company was really easy and fast. We were out of there and tied down in a flash and winding our way out and northbound! Another truck from our company also had one of these containers on and behind us  until the mountains, he then went ahead as I do not have big power and am used to moseying  up the hills. We were supposed to unload on Mon. but after calling for directions etc., he said there would be someone there all day , every day so I wouldn’t have to hurry. 
   the weather was a balmy 65 out and as we traveled North, it got colder but the sun continued to shine as this went to Central Oregon and the sun is prevelant there.


   Later we found out that these containers are scheduled to be shipped to Panama for 2 bedroom homes…… about an echo in your living room!……. On Saturday, after being at some friends home for Fri. nite, we unloaded about noon  and bid all farewell .
   We popped over the mountains and were home by 3:30pm and I was so glad to get back . Pretty foggy though and another inversion is here for awhile. Rain is supposed to pick up in a few days and that will mean no fog and warmer temps. Being from the Midwest originally, neither one of us like cold and snow……… Forecast is for sunny and 50″s for the weekend and light snow for the Cascades. I don’t ski but Mt. Hood will have a fresh covering tonite.

    Happy Trails!!!