Headed for California

   Wed, 3:45am

   My phone went off early and of course, it was pitch dark out but I needed  to get going early as we thought that we were going to start out last night but we had a problem getting the APU started after an oil change and it sitting for awhile  without being started . Daddy-o was sure that it must be the fuel pump and we called all over to see if one could be located. None right here…….But after a couple of hours, it started and was just fine. So we decided to have supper at the house and get after it early in the morning………..

   I stopped for fuel about an hour out and filled up knowing the oversize load(air handlers) that I would be taking was to be 11′ 4″ wide and 15′ 3″ tall, legal length and only about #22,000. No permits were sent to me as of yet but I could have them sent to the shipper.( I had ordered them yesterday from the OD dept.at our office in  Montana). I wanted to be the 1st to load so I assumed 7am should make that happen since they get there at 7:30am. Really nice , helpful people at this shipper and they load these with  huge forklift along with another guy on one on the other side of trailer to adjust. When checking in at the shipping office, I was informed that the 2 pieces  matching this load # , were not done yet but after a couple  of phone calls, I could take 2 others that were goiing to the same location and were finished yesterday. NO problem. Permits  took extra time because of the Holiday on Monday but finally about noon, we were  on our way……..This is a tall piece, 15’3″, and an excort witha pole in front of the escort car is required for part of the trip, Ca. does not require  escorts for that height. So watching for height on bridges is essential!

    After  crossing over the Siskiyou Mountains just about sunset, there was heavy fog going over the top. One car had mistakenly  gone off the road and into the ditch , luckely , it was on the side that did not go over the side and down an embankment. Down and around and into the valley below, rain had began and fog still came in patches and we wanted to stop but just where we thought we could settle in for the night, the sign on the exit stated , 15′ 2″ for the underpass……………………no way, have to keep going…………..so another hour and a half went by and finally we got off on an exit that is an overpass…..   and into the truck stop and a late dinner after paperwork and some planning for the next day………………Good night ………

   Happy Trails!!

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