Checking for freight going South


   January 17th
    I was the birthday girl yesterday and had a nice day not really having to do anything special so both of us peered at our Christmas puzzle still not completely finished , about 2/3 ‘s done. It’s an antique style picture of St. Nick among a giant tree and clever toys from the past. When I saw the box, I was immediately drawn to the colors and message and since we were out on the road at the time , buying it was something i had to do right then and try to find one more little space to haul it around until we arrived back in the Northwest. I guess it can go in the  cracker sack and shoved up with the small fan that gets used for too warm of air while sleeping in the South sometimes, I thought. Anyway I’ll have it and not wish I’d bought it when the time comes to put it out. I’d been warned by the kids: “Mom, don’t buy those 1000 piece puzzles next time, ok? They’re just too hard.”  ” Oh, I won’t” I said. But I couldn’t resist this one so, now at  3 pieces a day, we are finally getting to see the end result some. The teenagers that work on it , are a wiz………. It’s all for fun so who cares how long it takes

    We have an inversion of weather that is staying foggy and cold right now, although not nearly as cold as the midwest where we both grew up, but still it’s wintery  about 35 out and so chilly. Talking to a friend back there today , below zero is in the works for the coming days, no thank you………
   Happy Trails!!


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