Wooden Boat Festival

   After starting to paint our house about 5 days ago , we decided that going to the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend,Wa. sounded good for a little break and it was much too hot anyway for painting and being able to spread it our correctly.  I had planned the trip quite awhile back but painting seemed more important for awhile until I found out there was going to be one of my favorite women attending and giving a presentation on rounding the 5 Great Capes in her sail boat.  That does it , we are going…….. The weather was perfect  along the water and we arrived in the evening and found a place to park and plug in, nice.

    After a good nites sleep, we jumped in the pickup and since it was only 4 miles into town, we parked and rode the shuttle down to the water for only $1.00. What a bargain!
The town started to fill up around noon there being a ferry coming over from Whidbey Island quite afew times a day . Also , further south, another coming from Seattle. What a beautiful peace of water to boat, sail,canoe, etc. Lovely for any water activities!
9-12-2012-10          9-12-2012-5
9-12-2012-3         9-12-2012-2
9-12-2012-1         9-12-2012-7
9-12-2012-8         9-12-2012-11


   We had to take advantage of the Port Townsend Brewery…………………..

         Cheers!!! and Happy Trails!!