Sunday morning deep in the woods with  Bluegrass music blaring in the background while Daddy-o is fixing raw fried potatoes with onions and peppered bacon crisp and brown with heavenly smell coming out from the huge fire ring as most of the other campers are breaking camp to go home and we’ll have it all to ourselves for the rest of the day………… Last two days have been in the 90’s and no wind so sailing is put on hold until maybe later in the afternoon……..come on wind! Up here there is always a west wind in the afternoon but Friday brought an East wind that was fierce. We enjoyed it and then  lowered the sails and  tied up. A cool homebrew in the boat and then a quick dip in the pretty clear water and we were set for the evening and a short walk to burn off excess calories……….
   We have little power so I’ll keep it short today…………8-5-2012-1

Happy Trails!!

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