Very busy for the last two weeks


   Finally a break since being at the house and waiting for anything going West and home!!!

6-13===377 miles–unload, reload in Oakland, Ca (large fork lift , about 22,000#) up against the step of the lower deck  (38′ deck) 
6-14===465 miles–load another  small lift that goes on the top deck (10’deck) about a 100 miles from the last pick/up ,head North into Oregon for another pick/up.  ==fuel–150 gals.
6-15===368 miles–arrive to pick/up another small lift and 1 bundle of shelving, and 2 bundles of racks, goes on the back of lower deck, fills out the trailer, last p/up.
6-16===323 miles–We don’t have to hurry too much as the first  and third pick/up will come off at Billings Mt. on MOnday morning.
6-17===350 miles–fuel, 
6-18===317 miles–get directions and drive to the consignee in downtown area of Billings. They hire a roll off tow truck to unload large lift and shelving, racking, 1 small lift, etc.———Reload 2-over head cranes sections   going to Williston, ND. which took quite awhile! Was supposed to be a small LTL (less than a truckload). at the same place.====Next, Drive to Glendive, Mt. and unload the first small lift (dead battery) with a large lift from there. Continue onto Williston, North Dakota and try for over an hour to find a place to park (its a zoo there because of the oil patch bust and hundreds of trucks all over the place……….) That evening after a storm that came thru with hurricane winds and hail for about a half hour full force, we ended up at the local Applebee’s and had a good visit with a carpenter that came up from Vegas after loosing his home and work there. Has been busy ever since! There is soo much work in ND!!
6-19===Get directions and arrive to unload 2- crane sections that will be going into a building that handles drill pipe etc.  Now I have only a couple of agents locally to get me out of this area and back to the NW. Although all the agents in our system can see my message in my screen that I need to get back NW so if any of these see that and have contacts here, they can be in touch with them. So far nothing…………..wait patiently……….
Yesterday, I took a nap     because of being so weary. Daddy-o added to his drawing of his dream boat that he would like to build at some point. It has all the nooks and crany’s filled with extra live wells and plenty of room for all the crab traps in the back accessable to bait with ease while unloading those succulent little critters for as much as you want later at camp…………12 allowed for each on board,  if just us two, 24 crab takes awhile to cook and spin the blender with margarita’s……yes!

Another beautiful view of Mt. Shasta in Ca.

MJ tying down spare things on trailer getting ready to go……..

Daddy-o scouping up some of the hail from the storm just a few minutes before………..

Happy Trails!!        Catching up on my log book hours today…….crossing my fingers for 
                                 something back  home……………..

Saturday at home…..


   We made our way up from the Bay area and was able to log it and still sleep in my own bed last night……Just kept pump’n out the miles and stopped for fuel once (can only get a little over what I use as I’m close to 80,000#. Can not fill up………100 gals .ok

Nice load of Douglas Fir that passed us on the way out of the mountains…..

   Happy Trails!!                                   Back on the Road on Sunday………

California is sunny and nice…….

Thurs.  6am

   I couldn’t get started as early as I wanted because sure enough, coming into the port of entry at Shasta in Ca., last night, I got the RED light and the officer  hollered over the PA, Bay 2 please……. in we went and luckily I had all in order and 40 minutes later I had the prize, a neatly placed  #2 yellow sticker on my windshield for Ca. That is something I haven’t had for about 12 years. Not that my truck was not in order, just that I haven’t gotten pulled in for that particular inspection,  in Ca., and when I had , they found something or another to prevent me from getting it . Repair tickets don’t count…….When the officer jumped  up on the step to put it on, he said” This old one could be a collectors item” (1999) and used his razor blade knife to scrape it off.


     Shortly, after getting directions in from the freeways of  San Francisco, I was unloaded after the driver with the other load backed out and motioned in……The riggers were hungry and asked if a short lunch break would be ok , then promptly be unloaded. No problem, go ahead as the forman had signed my paperwork and I could send in for payment on Friday although now it was after 12 noon in Mt. (deadline noon mountain time) I tried the internet card but not very good reception so I have my doubts if it made it in time…………..


   So far, I was offered 1 load going to Eastern New Mexico , with a promise of circle jerk freight out of El Paso, Tx into Odessa, Tx. that did pay well but……..quite a bit of deadhead and if I get stuck in NM, the only kind of freight I know of there is hauling BMW’S and Cadillac’s. Only,  they are 12″ high now and stacked 6 tall on the deck with a nice name of” reconditioned metal”. In a pinch , but just the thought of going into that yard with my tires, I cringe!!!! I’ll pass on that load…………
   Then another good paying load going to NE Utah, but again, its not in a freight lane, I pass on that one too
   Then one comes up going back up to the NW that pays just about that good and no deadhead sooooooooo… I commit to that one and take my chances to get out of the Seattle area or if not,  we can bug our son and daughter-inlaw and if I can find a place to park, they know of an interesting Irish Pub that serves bitchin’ bangers and mash and excellent porters and IPA’s. I think I’ll take my chances……………………..We can stop at the house and mow and take off on Sunday!
023       027

Daddy-o playing bossman!Bring it on………
 A great load of cultured stone…….#gross weight –79,500#—- 1/2 tank of fuel– 15 forward gears…………….
Happy Trails!!

Loading at old nuclear site

Wed. morning :

     This is an old site that never was finished, torn down  because of not enough funding to get the job done. Evidently,  the job was over bid and was shut down, dismanteled, and that’s where we hauled out of to someone that has bid on structures being used at a location in Ca. These have been cut in half , to haul legally  to different locations around the US. They will be welded back together and used for a different purpose. They have been at the Washington location for about 30 years……… I and another owner operator will haul 2 more loads of these  today. So far 34 loads have been taken out of this location.  Riggers are here to load and position them before being chained down.
015 014
A few calls to the office and we will be on our way…..This load weighs about #15,000. So it should be easy to  run down the road…. it is 10′ tall and somewhat top heavy so care should be considered while cornering etc. ….no quick turns!
   This week is a safety week in the truck’n industry  and thousands of inspections all over the US will take place and I  know my chances of getting the RED light are high so log books, medical card (new one every 2 years), insurance, registrations, paperwork, all lights, brakes, steering, tires, 5th wheel, etc. need to be in order before entering any scale or port of entry!! They check how long I have jotted down between cities and towns and it better be close , you must give them todays log along with the last 7 days and they scour every bit of it!!!!…. log books are divided into quarter hours so I keep track of my miles on a different book and subtract where I am now from my last town, divide by  52-55 (mph for Or. or Ca.) that gives me the amount of time , then record onto logbook with notations of what I did……. breaks, coffee, lunch, dinner, load check, tire check, daydreaming, fuel,(must be 1- quarter of an hour) breaks have to be at least 30 minutes for every 4 hours driving, 1-vehicle inspection must be recorded at beginning of work day and a post VI at the end of work day and all must be done before the 14 hour rule takes place….(everything must be done within 14 hours), sleeper berth, or off duty (Applebees!!) There is a variety of other things also, but you get the picture……… I will be on guard this whole trip especially. This goes on from June 5—–June 7th every year…….. of course, this is daily routine anyway, its just that this is the big week for their inspections!!!.My truck is old so they can’t wait to get me in there$$$$$$$$…..We’ll see……..
Happy Trails!!!                       770 miles to go . I want to unload tomorrow, the weekend 
                                                   is coming up and I don’t want to sit!

Back to it women!


   An agent called while we were at the lake to run a load by me for this week……..There are quite a few of these loads that have been moved for the last month or so  and even though I don’t really want to go to Ca., I thought I should commit to this one as freight is still quite slow and spotty… This one will end up in the Bay area of San Francisco  and will load out of Central Washington with route being mostly I5 south with some extra state hiways  added to the destination. This load is a legal one (8′ 6″ width) so I can travel almost any time I want as long the travel falls into the 14 hour limit from the time I begin driving in the morning. In other words, if you start at 7am, you must be parked and off the road by 9pm. That sounds very much doable, right? but as the day goes by and the speed limit for Or. and Ca. is 55 for trucks, plus eating , fueling, checking tires, loads, telephone calls, log books filled out, scales (chicken houses), god forbid inspections, rest areas,  etc., the day goes by fast and  I need to get in at least 500 miles. Its always early evening before we can call it a day……
   Getting everything ready to go is always a chore since its been awhile since we were out, but I’m not complaining…..its been a great bunch of weeks filled with a variety of  projects and fun put together.
    I have called another agent in the Tennessee area that gets freight out of the northern Ca. area at times and told him I would be ready to go East or whatever by Friday. Hopefully, we won’t get stuck over the weekend and be putting miles on instead. Forecast is for rain the next few days. Guess its time to get out of Oregon for awhile……
   We don’t plan to stay out for more than 2-3 weeks during the summer as we both want to have some summer back at the house this year….we’ll see how that works out???
    My quarterly inspection was taken care of last week aat a garage close by . I could not commit to any freight until it was completed as our company is requiring quarterly reports on maintenance inspections because of some that had excess problems  and now all carriers get report cards also………so they are held accountable too in this Federal system…….. When we, as owner/operators, get a clean inspection, we get paid back on the following weekly settlement in full for the cost, which is very fair!
    We leave tonite so we will be there bright and early at 8am about 150 from the house.

Happy Trails!!