Once again, its springtime summer………


Friday nite:
So much has happened since my last post that all I could think of was that my brother had been ill and 
 his kidneys had stopped working because of too low of blood pressure that all I could think of was of him for some time and couldn’t get back to the rest  of the world. Now , after about 6 weeks and him going through senseless  tests etc, and dialysis for about a month, unbelievably, his kidneys started to work again on their own and slowly but sureley, he his getting back to normal and off dialysis , and once again starting to think of the summer that he did not think he would see……………

   We have been camping up in the mountains at a scenic lake that has been our remote hideaway for several years and a place to sneak to while we are off work in the summer , during the  week when its empty………. we dry camp, with no electric, only water from a faucet and non flushable toilets……..not to mention that the propane generator  comes  in handy at times including coffee pot, micro, and computer………charging phones……… ( I only turn it on in the daylite…..neighbors.)
Anyway, it’s the best with gynormous douglas firs that tower and sway almost to the sky in the breeze and have been trimmed up to just a tuft at the top intersecting with the celestial stars at night . Bright,  luminous big dipper jumped out at me as I came out of the outdoor restroom last night with my flashlight and in awe I looked up to check how bright  everything seemed after dark .I put my light on just to make sure I would not miss our site.
    While sailing today we tacked up to the dam and gibed around with the wind coming over the stern to float toward the marina at least 3 miles north and east back, silently making our way in the clear, deep water , waving at existent fisherman trolling for trout along the banks, passing them as if we were floating on a invisable cloud…. while getting sick of that spot, they started up the 350 Chevy engine and went for more fuel to finish their quest. It’s all about the wind for power and its free if it feels  like blowing that day…………but just around the island , it came with some force from the west and an adjustment of the main sail picked us up and pushed us toward our destination not far up ahead.  First we must put the boat in the wind and lower the main sail, wrap some sail ties around it and head for the marina. Besides , Daddy-o has had some good luck catching trout at the end of our day and about 6-8 nice sized fish laying in the frying pan for supper is just perfect. I seasoned the flour they are rolled in with lemon pepper and extra regular pepper, then a long handeled fry pan I acquired at Cabela’s some 15 years ago while truck’n, in the bargain bin and ended up staying in the parking lot there because it was too late to move, whoops!…… it had been sent back by a unsatisfied customer and I got it  for $12.00 . Someday I could just picture myself using that in the woods somewhere, over the campfire, on the grate, with golden fried fish and potatoes for supper with some green onions sprinkled on them for extra flavor………….. Daddy-o cleaned the fish, patted them dry after washing, then built the fire ……..I cut a butternut squash in half and microwaved it soft and then mashed potatoes and gravey for something different and lusious pan fried fish Can’t wait til tomorrow……… Soon I will go to work………….. but not for a few days yet………..
5-18-2012-1         5-18-2012-2
5-18-2012-3  a good mess of trout …….

Note the snow still on the mountain in the background………was chilly today but nice this afternoon …70.
Happy trails!!