Recap of last trip……..

no time special………

       The weather has been cool and rainy at times with the distant sunbreaks peaking though every once in awhile. I did bring sunshine to the NW when we arrived home and I just couldn’t imagine it going away but sure enough,  after a day or so , the lite grey to dark grey clouds appeared from no where and dumped on us all up here , leaving us hopeful and anticipating the next clearing with warm beams of sunshine on our skin……… We are very patient people up here , I have realized, and just keep waiting and ignoring drizzle and marvel at the lush greenery that a rain forest brings to the viewer when we start to get disgusted……..One hardly ever sees an unbrella out on the street (I have 6) as we are all a little damp most of the time .All of us raised in the Midwest ,thank the Lord for 40 in the winter with rich green grass everyday,  that is fine and dandy with us and not 20 below zero with a scoop shovel leaning by the door for a path out, penned in like a convict scratching on the window to get a peak out through the frost. Oh , those memories…….

   Here is the recap of this last trip: (About did me in with the wind)

Days out——————————————-39
Border crossings——————————-38
Miles out——————————————14,585
Gallons of fuel———————————–2464
Fuel Cost—————————————–$11,046.00
Repairs——————————————- $424.00
Days off——————————————–2
Other things that go along each month:——–liability insurance, cargo insurance, occupational insurance, health insurance, (boat payment,lol)

Things that need to be done before going out :
Change oil, passenger door latch , new air tank underneath tractor replaced and put on-(  9 1/2″ X 36″)  passenger window is acting up??/, take off winter front and put on screen over hood grill, wash  truck, wash trailer……..

Happy Trails!!

All is well at home this morning


   The trip up to northern Wa. went ok except for all the phone numbers went to answer machines and that took some time to get different ones. Once communication was rendered, we had times and directions down pat.
    4am on Sat.
   We had stayed approx. 4 hours out from the destination and still had to travel through Seattle. I decided to do that on Sat instead of Fri. nite with all the traffic going out of the city for the Easter weekend. Everyone in such a hurry and it just takes longer than if a person does it at 6 in the morning so with coffee made and in hand, we putted through with no jams. Extremely foggy starting out  and lasted for about an hour until elevation went up .
    We had not been to this part of Wa. for quite some time and after the sun came up, it was interesting to see all the water passage ways and the farmland in this rural upper , territory with small city towns and almost to the Canadian Border. A few boaters and kayaks paddling briskly against some current before turning sharply and going with the flow around some rocks , all in a row with colorful bodies  racing forward. Must be a club out for a morning gettogether.
   After getting in the Commercial gate at the military base, we had a military escort to the hangar and was promptly unloaded……….no pics with this load, strictly top secret…………now for the trip home, it’s time!  I plan to do short trips this summer if possible because we have certain fun things planned and I don’t want to take all the nice weather doing work this year. I’ll save that for fall………….
Happy Trails!!      Trip recap for all loads and miles coming in a day or so.

military going North on Thurs.


   Yesterday I decided to check on one of the loads on the board that was put up on the board  Monday right after I unloaded that was to load on Thurs. (at that time i figured I would get something sooner) to see if they would take a stepdeck instead of the flatbed that the shipper had called for. I called the agent that had it and he said he would check and call me back a little later………When he called, Yes, they would, as the freight is not long and can be loaded on either trailer so I committed to it and we started over the Tehachapi Mountains in Southern Ca. to get closer in for shipping on Thurs. morn. Be here by 8am he said. This will get us  back to the NW but there is some deadhead connected with it and I hate to do it but we really need to get home…………….. It costs about .75 a mile now to truck and you definately want to keep that deadhead down. It comes right out of my pocket every time I must travel to get to the next shipment and am not loaded………….
   We found a little place to park for the night and settled in. Only about 30 miles to the shipper . The stars were out  and bright ! Terrible wind again all day from the West but the sky was very clear and the air is cool…………jackets required. Venus and Jupiter were shining quite far from each other but in a perfect line with the moon more to the west as we jumped back into the truck after a short walk in the brisk cold wind.  A quick phone call to our daughter in Hawaii (envious) to check on their itinerary back to the mainland and we called it a day and put Coast to Coast with George Nory and listened for awhile before a smooch good night…………………………

   We were to the gate of the military base by 8am only to find out that now we would not get loaded until 11am. They apologized , of course, but still want it unloaded 1007 miles away on Sat. morning……..grrrrrrrrrrr I doubt it.  Logs have to be correct   mostly//?? Sat afternoon is what I will shoot for.

relaxing this morning in the desert


   Slept in this morning and was awakened by an agent wanting to know  what time we had emptied out yesterday.  Then I was awake for good………
   We are in the desert now since yesterday around 10:30am empty. I knew when I accepted this load, that I would be taking my chances getting North from here but waiting still is maddening………….. Luckily, it is a nice temperature out and a light breeze is coming in from the North and I have the 1st place on the north side of the parking lot so we have no blockage from a van or a high load next to us. Last night we took a walk across the street where there used to be a shopping center type of retail stores and we thought we would window shop for awhile. But when we got over to it, it had closed and was an absolutely  spooky, twilight zone feeling walking amoungst the empty buildings.  Then stopped at a Chili’s and had some supper…………


   Nothing yet for freight…………………  and it’s the afternoon now………….wait ,wait,wait……….4-3-2012-1

Southern California

Sunday early–4:00am

    Completely tired out last night even though we slipped into a space at a decent time and the sun was still up. We have been fighting the wind in the afternoons of the last 2 days and it really beats a person up, always checking the fuel  gauge! The wind was plastering us straight from the South in New Mexico and started to change direction that evening. (now coming from SW)  We had some laundry to do last night also , so by the time I pulled the clothes out of the dryer, it was nearing 10pm……………I  layed down and never heard a thing until the alarm went off at 4am. I decided to get an earlier start than usual and see if I could get farther down the road , when wind is down somewhat, and get to my destination fairly early in the afternoon to find a place to park and go in , in the morning. I have gained two hours also in time zones and that is always a bonus!

   Both of us really wanted to  stop for some breakfast so a good place just about an hour from the border in Arizona  going into Ca., looked like the spot to stop. They always have agood buffet there and on Sunday its a pretty good layout!  That keeps us going all day and since you never know where you will end up, we were ready for anything. The weather is now in the 60’s and cool for this time of the year. We had to turn the handles on the water valves back on before we left  this morning, to turn the heat back on. (had air conditioning on in Tx and La.  Works better if the valves are off.)
Blue sky and dust storms in the distance where only fine sand from the south billow up over the mountains. We thought is was 4 wheeler quads stirring up the bottom but only that unrelenting wind!

   I guess its time for more fuel since going into Ca. will only cost more yet. I’m catching myself procrastinating and have to force myself just GET It! Everyone feels the same, I think. Nonetheless,  I do not like stress and know soon I will be home enjoying time there. I used to fill up for $250.00 (years ago) and as time goes by it’s $800.00 or more now. The last diesel was $4.43 per gallon.! I got a measly 100 gallons—$440.00. Enough on that!!

   I told Daddy-o , “Hey, lets go around thru Laughlin, Nv. (about the same miles from Kingman, Az). I like seeing the beautiful Colorado River flowing down at the bottom—crystal clear) and we are not that heavy ( about 65,000#) “. ” Sounds good to me” he said, so that was a good change for the day and we ended up back on the superslab in about 1 1/2 hours. Wind switched to the NW slightly…………Tomorrow we will be only 20 miles from unloading docks for the military and shopping for a realistic load going North. I was offered a load going into Utah but I think it’s time to return home. Daddy-o is ready too . He’s such a good rider and fun person!  he has been drawing in his notebook lately……a boat that he would like to build up maybe ………… also a dinghy……I  always tell him to date all his creations. Fun to look at from years ago……

   We are parked and both want some supper. Breezy for the West…………

Happy Trails!!     Friday –526 miles—Saturday-542 miles—-Sunday-416 miles–no tolls on these roads
4-2-2012-2           4-2-2012-1
4-2-2012-3          4-2-2012-4

Creatures from Arizona, our load, traffic in Dallas , Texas