Finally , tomorrow we leave………..


   We awoke to see some snow had fallen overnite and its cold out . I committed to an oversize load going into California and am hoping that  this weather pattern will move out as there are 3 small passes and 1 steep, long and high pass that may require chains if I get caught going over it  while snow and ice are present. This load will measure out at 12′ wide and is  alittle over legal height also. That means no nite travel and curfews around large cities. I  don’t want to hang iron (lingo- chains) if I don’t have to so I plan to run right along and get over ASP in daylight.
   I really did not want to go South but…….nothing came up and I needed to get going so I’ll make the best of it and try to get out of Ca. fast (Fuel prices in Ca. are always outragous especially now!). Eastbound would have been better but there just wasn’t anything that paid decent so that ‘s truck’n…………. Freight has been so slow most all places around the country but now I see,  it starting to break out some.  Daddy-o managed to get 2 or 3 huge projects out of the way while at home so all is not lost and the beginning of the year is not very good anyway for the freight lanes to open up completely. I carefully plan as much as I can where I can head to as I anticipate unloading and the time of the week that that takes place. Payday is always on Fri. with all paperwork needing to be submitted by Thurs at noon, mt. time. So for instance, if I unload on a Monday, I need to get something that I can unload on Thurs. morning at the latest and that would be about 1500 miles to anywhere………..hopefully staying in the freight lanes . That would keep me going until the next Thurs. and  over weekends and so on…………..I do not take any time off except for log regulations that must be kept. When I get back home , my time is my own.
   Tomorrow morning will be early, probably getting up about 4:30am to be to the shipper about 7:30. I will be checking my signs and flags today that will be going on this oversize load, along with getting all last minute things put in place in the sleeper for about 6 weeks of work ahead (then Easter Bunny)  Checking tire pressure, lights, (always one that won’t work) fuel, generator (APU), make sure to have enough chains along (they have chain stations you have to go by with an officer there checking…….grrrrrr……bunch of BS.) I carry all singles( too heavy for me to handle doubles), with the trailer chains being smaller than my drive tire chains on the tractor are,( must keep them separate!). I carry 4 tarps with 6 foot drops (on sides) for this trip out although we so not have to tarp this load tomorrow. It is an air handler, 2 pieces and I will be load #8. They will be unloaded in order of installation going on a hospital roof.. 3 more units will be following on Monday.
   Best get at it…………hope to have a picture by tomorrow

Happy Trails!!


Readying the truck for going out to work


    All set to get an inspection , which must be done quarterly at present, and when we arrived, at a small garage nearby that we go to most of the time while at home, as the mechanic was checking underneath the trailer, he found that one of the air bags had slipped out of position and had broken the base somewhat and  only 2 bolts were attached letting the whole of the air bag bulging out toward the back and looked as though it could let go at any time. Just what I want the mechanic to see  during an inspection………. It must have happened on the way over as Daddy-o had all the tires off and rearranged the new tires on axels that would not get excessive wear  right away. No other explanation since the trailer had been parked since the Holidays…………. and the license plate light on the trailer needed to be replaced, other than that everything else was in good shape. Daddy-o had to fix that airbag situation and aquire another light bulb  for the fixture. I ran it over again this morning (Fri.) for final inspection and received my paperwork along with new sticker . After scanning and sending all to the office in Montana, I reached the dispatch office and told them to put me in the computer for a Tues. loading date. hopefully something will come up going long miles that will pay good and not be too heavy. We’ll see………. Daddy-o changed oil, filters in the tractor and also in the APU, Glad hand recepticles to the trailer were replaced, (air from compressor passes to the trailer from tractor to the air brakes on trailer from these), adjusted the clutch since not much free play was left at the top of pedal, air dryer needed some attention as it was not cycling properly (new filter and complete take apart to clean throughly), headlights needed to be taken apart and heilacoils put in for stabilization of adjustment screws,( we were using shims off and on and it wasn’t the best for night travel), noisy fender  located next to APU (piece of rubber inbetween to quiet it). And of course , always something corroded with all the small lights from wettness and road grime from time to time. It takes alot to keep everything in good working order (pain in a….)
   In the meantime, Daddy-o had 6 trees to cut down before the leaves come out and he managed to get them all down and wood stacked (good for camping, yes) all the branches run thru a chipper (which we did on Tues.) he rented the BIG one and  4 of us fed it over a couple hours , thinking we were going to use it for mulch but it was much to course and big  and ugly for our yard or at the shop around the trees so he gave it to a hog farmer for bedding and pen lining. While running excess limbs thru the chipper, he decided to put up a large tarp against one of  the garage doors to catch it  and could deal with it later, so  after it was all hauled away and we took the tarp down, there were a hundred little dents in the once beautiful garage door………………………….grrrrrrrr. Later Daddy-o said ” OMG , there was plywood right around the corner from the camper that we could have put there and then the tarp. Live and learn…………………

All in all, we are about ready to get out to work. I will pack the truck on Sunday and be ready if something good comes up (Freight is always slow around this time of year because of the new year and tax time, real estate and income taxes.) There is still so much instability in the business community as of yet.

   The weather has been pretty wet this last couple of weeks but Jan. was quite dry and nice. Was mild on Friday but showers off and on. Today is supposed to be rainy but we have a short  car trip to take and a granddaughters birthday party Sunday night at the pizza house for supper with family. Then ………back out on the superslab………

   Happy Trails!!

Sidetracted searching for my dream sailboat


   While waiting for some of the winter weather to move out (although its been formidable all over the midwest so thats not an excuse????) and getting all nessessary inspections out of the way along with truck parts purchased and put on, I had some extra time to check around for that special little pocket cruiser sailboat that I could spend some quality time this summer learning and experimenting with my hobby of sailing. I have wanted to look for a boat before but talked myself out of it several times until one day I thought that if I could find one at this time of the year, the price would probably be less than if I started to look in April or May . My premise is that some people have x-mas to pay for and would be willing to sell now to help out with the credit card bills.  Perfect excuse!
   As I looked on Craigs list,boat listings, newpaper, etc. I found atleast 6 that we could look at and did look at them.  I decided that I did not want anything too big and not much money to peel out. Just something to be out on the water on and maybe even to stay for the nite on. 2 that we looked at , just did not have enough headroom in the cabin so I had to look further. Last Sat. , we looked at one that I was sure would suffice but when we got there, pictures do not show what they really look like and was disappointed to see such disrepair and disrespect for a beautiful little boat that could sail for many years  if it was taken care of and we were not in the market for a project boat soooooooo…….. when I arrived I hopped on the computer and checked  a favorite site and there it was, a San Juan 24 foot that looked favorable so I called on it and we made an appt. to see it on Sunday and it was close to home for viewing which made it better yet.
    Daddy-o liked it too and no work to do on it . The seller had completely gone thru the boat and taught his wife how to sail and t hey were moving up to a 34 foot and may I say, he did a fantastic job which Daddy-o approved of, so we committed to buying it and will pick it up on Sat. It cost alittle more because of the shape  its in but I think we will have it for quite awhile  so I can justify it more. I think I will put it up on a mountain lake a couple hours from here for the summer and learn the ropes (haha). More later.I will be naming her later…………..

Happy sea trails!!!