Some calculations from the last run out

                                             Happy New Year!!

After all the festive holiday food, friends, family, and clean up, I caught the usual flu and finally am feeling  back to my old self and am getting  lonesome for something alittle more lively than housework and yardwork. I would really like to go to the Miami Boat Show and do some heavy duty dreaming………. I’ll keep that in the back of my mind for awhile………..

   Here are some numbers from my last trip:

 Total miles——————7,688
 Border Crossings——–25
 Days out———————22
 Gallons of Fuel————1212 gallons
 Average MPG————–6.3 MPG

   I plan to take alittle extra time off before beginning 2012 (my fiscal year is different from the calendar year). There are new regulations for log books, and emmisions control that must be looked into along with repairs to the truck that will be in order before going out anywhere,. Daddy-o competed a fairly big job of front shakle bushings and pins just before New years and that made him feel good to get that out of the way. It needed to be done and was something he had put off for just a little time until the Holidays when he knew he would be home to do at his leasure. I need 4 new trailer tires but no new rims. That will cost about $1600.00.  I have learned plenty about truck tires over the years……………… My first encounter with truck tires back in the 80’s was a real eye opener!!! Knowing tread design and application really helped in the whole scope of things as time went by . Of course, truckers are always guinea pigs for new  and “improved” tire ratings and designs. All the different sizes and makes, weight limits for each tire, etc. give you insight on just what you need for your particular application (what the trailer or truck is going to be used for . For example: short haul, construction, off road, over the road, hiway use, hot weather (desert) or cold weather (-30 below), How long you expect to have this piece of equipment, maybe you plan on trading it out and don’t want the most expensive  on it when traded out but at least 50% rubber for the trade in.

Everything counts when it comes to the check book………Remember, when it comes to an owner operator, he or she may only have one vehicle to make money with and it all comes from just that one piece. It all revolves around that one piece of equipment.
I NEVER RUN RECAPS ON ANYTHING OUT ON THE ROAD! All my tires are new, good quality. That is the last thing I want to think about going wrong while being under a load that the customer wants NOW! Periodicaly  nails, chunks out, inferior tires,  and curb damage, that can slice the inside immediately and  then you have to look for a tire dealer,(truck stops are very expense) how to get into it ,time away from the super slab etc . all add to the delivery time of a load. I keep a good perspective on repairs and know my truck is as reliable as a new one. Good feeling!!
Happy Trails!!

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