2 more stopoffs and we’re home


   I slept on and off last nite mostly because I knew I must not be late this morning.  This stopoff is in a huge retail store area that will be very busy by 8am if we don’t get in and out fast. As I begin my short journey back to the exit that I will unload at, I wonder about how I will get into  and up against the building where the crane will snatch up the unit and put up on the roof, then how to get out and back out on the superslab. When arriving, its pitch dark and that is something that always bothers me as if you go to far, you will have to turn around and that would be hell. I ease into the area and stop……..I put on flashers and overhead flashing light just to make sure everyone can see the truck because I am not going any further! We have checked on the computer on map quest and I have an idea of the area from that, thank goodness. It’s about 5:15am now and I am real early. About 10 minutes later, a Suburban pulls up and puts on his flashers and tells me to follow him in.  Daddy-o has walked the driveway’s and he is skeptical also . I check once more for all the curbs, shrubs, trees, roof lines, flowers, more curbs, buildings, signs, tree branches and where they are located, swing wideeeeeee and hope for the best. Ahhhh…. i”m in and up against the building and waiting for the crane. I spy my retreat exit for later and we sit tight and wait…………
Very nice guys to visit with and soon the crane pulls in , they work right along as the road is getting a litttle busy……… my paperwork is signed and we ease out and now its on to the next stopoff 1325 miles up the road and its Monday. We need to be home for xmas. It will be tight……..

Happy Trails!!       703 miles today

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