Back to work, sort of…………

Monday morning,

   After all the Thanksgiving food, company, and leftovers were gone, I had a chance to  doublecheck to see if the load that I was offered on Wed.  going to Post Falls, Id. for Monday was still in the works. An agent had called and was wondering if i would like to take some railroad materials to workers on a line that needed to be realigned and replaced in some areas for Monday He assured me that  I would be unloaded in time for me to come back deadhead and be able to load the next one for Wed. Now on Wed. before Thanksgiving, the agent said he would call me to confirm that everything was a go, but last minute in the afternoon , he called to say that we would have to wait til Monday as he guessed that they all went home early for the holiday  no one had gotten back to him.. I also had been offered another  load earlier in the week for the  Wed. after Thanksgiving  too that went to Southern California and is to be unloaded on Sunday down there and I accepted that one but I was going to try to get this quicky one done before I loaded the one for Wed.  (Greedy). Monday he called to say they still wanted to ship the product and I said, “Yes, I’ll do it”. So after making sure we had everything ready to go in the truck, we started off about noon and got to the shipper by 2pm. As we drove into the yard I could see that there was not much laying where it should be laying and stacked so I asked about the load and they checked with the office to find out that whoever offered that load certainly did not have any business asking for a regular truck……The load was 80 feet long and could only go on a special trailer etc. so…………..this is one instance when that shipper must pay for a “truck not used” and  we left. The rate for this was negogiated and the agent called to say that he had still held on to the load for someone else to haul it but that my part of the rate would be passed on to me by the end of the week. Apologies  and  I went on my way. These things happen every once in awhile and sometimes no reimbursement is made. But this time it was easily comfirmed that they were in the wrong because there was a rate sheet and confirmation signed from the shipper to the agent. I’m sure a butt chewing took place in that office! After that I called to see if I could load the Wed. load on Tues (the next day) and he said it was buried somewhere but that he could accomodate me by lunch time so I thanked him and we went to a truck stop only about 10 miles from where we were and spent the nite and caught up on our sleep. Tomorrow we would load more air handlers and go home once again for a couple days and leave out on Thurs. as its right on the way south to Southern Calif. That’s Truck’n!! you never know how things are going to unfold……..
No need to get up early today as I can not call the next shipper until about noon  anyway, so we turned on tv and lounged with coffee and talked about all the fun we had over the holiday weekend with everyone. By noon, I started the truck to warm it up and build air to release the brakes. Daddy-o checked everything outside and of course there were not many trucks left in the lot by that time. So off we went and down to the next shipper. Thank goodness everything turned out good there .This load is an oversize but not too wide.  10′ 3″ wide. Legal height, and legal length. I will be able to travel at night  with proper lighting which I have if I need it in California. Not  Oregon. Happy Trails!!             

spring cleaning in November

    Since the Thanksgiving weekend is fastly approaching and it really is one of my favorite holidays, I have been getting my receipe box out inbetween bouts of deep cleaning that should have been done this spring or early summer but ,of course, I was thinking of vacation then and wanting to get as much work in as I could before August. Vacation has come and gone and  now I am expecting about 15 for the big dinner just a week from yesterday. All of my ceiling fans, assorted fake greenery and trees, copper decorations on my kitchen walls  (valted), and skylights had to be cleaned, sanitized, made shiny and new looking again. Daddy-o brought in the 12 foot step ladder and we both got to work. Everything was taken down and then when it was time to put it all back,it was extra time to figure out just where it all was supposed  to go again. Then up on the roof to do the skylights,  which haven’t been done for quite some time. A window washing friend of ours came over last week and did all of our windows because he didn’t get a chance to do  it over summer. What a nice gesture!! they sparkle and shine now and after he left I put up my plastic candles that are on a timer in all the windows on the front of the house. They are on for 5 hours and off the rest of the time. Perfect for the dark supper hours and into the fall evenings as the Holidays get near. Daddy-o also put up Christmas lights on our front and side and back porches on the one day this last week that was sunny and no wind. He took his time and fixed all the lines that didn’t work to make dazzling white icicles and blue lights behind them for contrast. We don’t put lights to high on the roof anymore as its such a job getting them down afterward but this is just fine and enough to make it feel really Christmasy. Besides, we won’t be at home until just before Christmas so now is the time to enjoy for us and then over New Years. While out working all over the US during this Season, we really get to see so many wonderful, memorable Santas, sleighs, snowmen, North Stars, l.e.d. arrangements, manger scenes, and Christmas trees!!!!!! that when we finally do get back, we plan to pick up where we left off and join in with the kids and their families ASAP. The truck gets unloaded and put in the garage at the shop and don’t think of it again for a couple weeks. Besides , its winter out there……… and its wet here but in the 40’s so being originally from Minnesota, it’s not bad and our grass is green…………

Happy Trails!!    I will put pictures out soon, but my camera is full of wedding pics and have to make sure they are safely onto cd or computer before erasing. 

Early morning


   I awoke early and decided to just get up for awhile and check out things on the computer…..I will be home until Thanksgiving is over with and then we will go out to work between then and Christmas. That means I need to get everything ready that I want to have done for the holidays done., before I go out to work. Since the wedding  (our youngest) in Las vegas last week , there just wasn’t enough time for me to go out and get back before Thanksgiving so…….. I will check for some short haul freight around here and see if that will carry us through till after Thanksgiving. Sometimes that works out.
   In the meantime, I brewed up 3 batches of different kinds of beer for the Holidays. I have 3 hop plants that gave me quite a crop this year and dried them outside between two screens that Daddy-o made for me from 1×2’s and a roll of screen from the store, shiny and  clean.
These vines attach themselves to rope or tall poles and once you train them to climb clockwise around the poles, they will produce these cones by early summer and harvest around September to be dried and then used in beer and they give the bittering and aroma qualities that are needed to produce the flavors that you want and one can grow them yourself.There are many different kinds and fun to use in my receipe’s. More on that later………….

More of Halloween in Las Vegas

Daddy-o was having a dance with Marilyn Monroe out on the strip!!!( Where did you get that gold suit????)



Oh Behave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   We all left Margaritaville(about 20) at the Flamingo around 9pm and started out for somewhere  to dance and check out all the people from around the country and world, to see the best of the best and hopefully find a place to dance the night away.  We all decided to stop at the Paris casino Hotel for a rest and found  a dance floor with a DJ and some great music with the bar just a few steps away. It was loud,dark,and just the right amount of red and blue filtered strobes with the lights making streams of constant glowing beams around us and at the tables when it became to hot to endure and all headed for the waitress’ check stand for another shot or glamorous high ball………we all had a chance to dance with friends that we don’t normally  go out dancing with or haven’t seen for a long time. Even other tables came on board and cheered us on as they found out about the wedding that would be held the next afternoon. The bride and groom for tomorrow were , this evening ,  zombie bride and grooms.  Blood and dead white skinned zombie’s stumbling toward the morning hours. Then acouple of happy, scary clowns and many other unbelievable characters……………. 
Earlier in the evening…………………………………………………………………………………………..
Oh, Your going to be tired tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Everyone had the best night out together  ever!!!!!!!!!!! sore feet followed but we didn’t care…………. it was the best!! And we were ALL together , How good was that!!!!!!!!!
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