Northbound out of Florida with a stopoff in Nashville!

6am,   Friday

   I awake early and make some coffee for Daddy-o and jump in the saddle, ready to get going and load more air handlers for Indiana 1 stop off, Minnesota, 2 stop offs, North Dakota, 1 stop off,and final in Washington state with 1 stop off. That means , I will have alot of deck that needs freight on as I take freight off along the way. The trick is to be lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time for it me to pick it up. (extra revenue). My 1st drop will give me 12 feet of empty deck, the 2nd drop–16 feet, the 3rd drop, 21 feet,– 4th drop, 32 feet!!!! I make at least 4 calls to people that could possibly have something feasible to go on but we’ll see……….most of the time , it doesn’t happen…….but is worth a try.
   As we load these on the trailer,  4 trucks arrive  going elsewhere in the US and wait patiently for us to get done strapping all the units down. “Just strap snuggley but firmly” the shipper says, so there is no damage to the units. I have hauled these before so I know how fussy the consignees can be . Everything looks good as I go in for the shipping papers as Daddy-o checks the straps one last time before we leave and make sure all the equipment is put away like the winch bar, strap protectors etc. We have the rest of the day to move Northward and luckily we must go through Nashville, Tn. so I plan to get there on Sat. and find a place to park so we can go downtown and check out the scene on Sat nite. This is a great place to have a mini, quicky, fun evening  in Music City and feel like youv’e been revived from work and ready to go the next day .I have a favorite place for spaghetti a short distance from the busy streets, so that is what we’ll have for supper. It’s the best!!
   We manage to find a place to park and walk downtown (about a mile)…………….There is a zombie walk a thon for a fund raiser somewhere in town and is a kick to see all the people dressed as zombie’s with bloody faces and antics like a premature Halloween would look like. The downtown really comes alive in the evening with many shops open and all the bars with no cover charges and the best country music around free to anyone that comes in . Maybe a dozen bars with talented musicians from all over trying to be discovered for that one chance to make it big. They play for tips so its vital to help them out if possible!  We just love  being there for an evening!!!! It’s a great town!!!

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