Saturday.. mid morn…….

   WE sleep in just a little because all we have to do is go home now. It’s Sat and no chance of getting a short haul today  for Portland, Eugene, or Salem and I’m not waiting around for Mon. when I’m only about 160 miles from home. When I get that close , I’m already in the house and planning supper in my mind. Everything looks so familiar as I coast along side the Columbia River southbound and see the sun shining on the inlets and somewhat of a breeze making ripples coming to the shore……. cargo ships outbound for the rest of the world, making their way out to Astoria and then who knows  where. It feels like home  and I ‘ll be there soon………..No more showers on demand for awhile, our jacuzzi will  be superb this evening.
   Oregon in the fall is very colorful and am thankful that we were fortunate enough to get to enjoy some of it yet this year.
10-18-2011-2         10-18-2011-1
These colors are gorgeous all over the US…..
   My grapes are ready for juicing so maybe tomorrow will be the day…………..

Happy Trails!!

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