4th stopoff in North Dakota


   Dark out still this morning and the truck next to me is just pulling out and signaling to go out to the superslab. I guess I better get in gear here for today will be full of miles and not much of anything else. If I don’t get anything else for extra revenue, then I will try to make it to the Seattle area by Friday. Daddy-o tunes the XM Radio to one of our favorite stations, bumps the tires, and checks to make sure everything is tyed down good and   I do paperwork and then we’re off……..      Daddy-o pulls out his tablet and opens to a new page. Today he is drawing out a rack for the boat to hold the extra crab traps that get in the way while crabbing. ( We really need a bigger boat but they are very expensive and it’s not a priority right now.) He has projects that keep him busy throughout the year and that is one of them. He always draws them out first and adds and subtracts things as he thinks of them. I try to make sure he puts the dates on his ideas just for the fun of it to look back on later. Especially the  house plans. 
   We arrive at the next consignee at about 9am and unload 4 more units. That leaves us with 8 left that are stacked quite high and there is a strong west wind. I ask the receiver if he would take those down and set them on the back so that I have minimum  drag and he gladly jokes about bad mileage and moves them. What a relief to move down the hiway without extra  height. 
   The temperature is just a little cooler today and I suspect that this evening will be jacket weather. We continue on and end our day about 7pm. Time for supper and relax.
Happy Trails!!  532 miles…..

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