2nd and 3rd stopoff’s in Minnesota

Tues 6am,

   I peak out of the window and I see afew cars and pickups scirrying around the lot just across the street where we will be unloading and start the APU to make coffee and locate Daddy-o’s cup which can really be hard to find. I slip on my clothes and hope Daddy-o’s foot is better than it has been the last couple days. I have a feeling that he needs to rest it alittle more than he has been doing. He cheerfully says good morning and after coffee, we get everything that is in the front, to the back and then a forklift arrives and wants to know which units are to be hoisted off the stepdeck and carried to the consignee’s warehouse. We jump out and grab the winch bar and unstrap the last two and he signs the paperwork and we bid him good bye.
   Next, we have a stopoff just about an hour and a half from the last one and 2 more come off there. “Thanks for the help”, I say and we are off. This gives us 21  feet of deck that needs to be filled. I call a couple more agents and they haven’t been able to locate anything so far so we continue on to the next stopoff which is about 400 miles up the road.  We end up about 100 miles from the next consignee so we call it a nite and get alittle supper. Hopefully something will come up to stack on the deck for more revenue, we’ll see.

Happy Trails!!    480 miles.

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