Free grapes!

Thurs. 9am

    Just giving some thought to checking out my little grape patch out back and seeing if they are ready for juice yet. All of these are just table grapes but I like to make them into juice for the winter and be able to get fresh, dark purple  juice to go with our breakfast or lunch whenever we want it as I know by next summer the vines will be full again and I will need the jars for more. These vines were given to us from a neighbor down the road  a ways when he had monstrous crops from his  vines ,while we were visiting one afternoon. He snipped off some canes along with 4 or 5 plants that were full grown (at least 8 years old) and  coaxed us into taking them. We replanted them along a back fence in early spring when the rains are still very prevalent and figured they would give us some extra privacy if nothing else and waited……..Excited to see a few buds a little later and by May, branches were forming slightly. Over the years, we have learned to trim them better and with that comes bigger grapes and not so many trailing vines and thick branches, although by summer we are hacking off extra long  ones that grab the fence and won’t give up for anything.
   About 5 years ago, the neighbors behind us had some stout raspberry bushes that decided to come up in the cool, watered mulch that the grapes have been thriving in and promptly gave me a cup of those delicious treats with out even asking for them and I didn’t pull them up like I should have so now I have slight mess because of all the raspberry’s begging for water also. This year I had 2 full large bowls of those flavorful, deep, red  looking mushrooms and I look forward to next year so I guess they will stay……..Daddy-o loves to go out and get them for desert after supper and Ilike them on ice cream so…………
10-21-20111-              10-21-2011-2

Happy Trails!!