1st stopoff in Indiana

Sunday,   7am

   Sunday is a cool morning but just right for traveling. We are up and  out of the Nashville area and stop for a good breakfast of country ham and eggs to keep us full and satisfied until evening when I plan to get us up to central Indiana and be in the small town that we must unload in , in the morning. I have called ahead on Friday and made sure of the directions and unloading time for Monday. We take a couple of roads that really give us a feel for the autumn days that showoff their rich colors as we wind around Amish country homesteads with their all white houses and out buildings. Harvesting is in full swing and mounds of corn spill out of the surplus , makeshift cribs to start the drying process of the crops to finally go to market
blogging 007.
   When we arrive at the consignee’s place of business, there is a perfect place across the street to camp for the night so we HAVE to check out the neighborhood tavern for the a quick burger and a frosty mug or three …. and then map out the next days  route and  plan for a busy day with 2 stopoffs and plenty of miles that will take us into North Dakota for Wed. The stars are out in white on white neon and I always have to recheck them one more time before I close my window and make sure all doors are locked and all is quiet. Down comforter is toasty……. and all is well………..Goodnight  Daddy-o ,    Goodnight  MJ………

Happy Trails!!!     532 miles

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