Saturday.. mid morn…….

   WE sleep in just a little because all we have to do is go home now. It’s Sat and no chance of getting a short haul today  for Portland, Eugene, or Salem and I’m not waiting around for Mon. when I’m only about 160 miles from home. When I get that close , I’m already in the house and planning supper in my mind. Everything looks so familiar as I coast along side the Columbia River southbound and see the sun shining on the inlets and somewhat of a breeze making ripples coming to the shore……. cargo ships outbound for the rest of the world, making their way out to Astoria and then who knows  where. It feels like home  and I ‘ll be there soon………..No more showers on demand for awhile, our jacuzzi will  be superb this evening.
   Oregon in the fall is very colorful and am thankful that we were fortunate enough to get to enjoy some of it yet this year.
10-18-2011-2         10-18-2011-1
These colors are gorgeous all over the US…..
   My grapes are ready for juicing so maybe tomorrow will be the day…………..

Happy Trails!!

No extra partial loads for extra revenue….

Friday, 6am

   I called everyone that I could and there just wasn’t anything small going to the west  that I could have put with this load so face it and get going…… The wind was soooo strong from the west but I was thankful I was lite and all the units that were on the top had been put lower on the deck so no extra drag. Today I know that we must get into Seattle before the Friday rush at the end of the day so that I can make my appointment at 6pm to get the rest of these off. (8units).As  we come across Eastern Washington, there is clear sky’s and not quite as much west wind as in Montana.  Harvest has started and we have seen many truck loads of yellow delicious apples in double trailers going to the packing houses all along these smaller towns just east of the mountains. Ellendale is a good place to stop for some grub this morning as we won’t stop now  again until we find a place to park for the rest of the afternoon (there is a truck stop one exit from where I will unload) just 1 mile from the warehouse  in Tacoma. After grabbing a heaping plate of breakfast,we’re back at it and climb to the top of the summit. As we pop over the other side , I flip on the jake brake and barrel down  the 3 lane, bumpy, wet, heavily traveled interstate toward the bottom. I will be taking a short cut over to I5 that will net us quite abit of time since its not taken as much as I90. Good thing too as a construction zone is coming up and looks like there will be some waiting………just what we need on Friday !
   I am hopeful for a parking place  when arriving at the truck stop and another driver with a flatbed  flags me over to a place  next to his truck (as we were jawing with him later, he tells us that he’s hoping for a flatbed to park next to him instead of a refer  because he is going to get stuck there all weekend and doesn’t want a refer going off every 15 minutes all weekend next to him). He pulls out some pictures of his  old 359 peterbilt that was a  1986 and he had just sold it a couple years ago. Mine is a 1985 so  he  could relate to it and there aren’t many left on the road anymore. Truck’n stories…….. A fellow from Oklahoma.
   Later, we go to the consignee’s and when the forklift operator starts to unload , he spots a smudge on the side of one of the units and  asks me to see if I can get if off …. most of it came off but in the end he signs the paperwork and lets us go.  We find a secure place to park after unloading and call it a day. (logbook is out of time for the day and I must have 10 hours off before the next on duty status can take place).  

   I can’t believe that 4 of my loads on this trip were air handlers! That never happens especially in the fall of the year…………

   Here is a rundown on this trip out:
   Total miles———–8,854———
    Border crossings———–27
    Days out———————–24
    Gallons  of fuel—————1282
     Toll in $————————$64.00

Happy Trails!!            I’m off work!!!!!