Sunny Florida and hoping to travel North before the weekend

   While waiting and finally unloading more air handlers in South Florida, we started to  check for something going out and but to no avail mid morning in Miami area. This was on Thurs. Of interest , these air handlers were coming to a huge warehouse that looked like any tilt up cement building…. but after checking for restrooms inside , I pulled a handle that looked like the old ones at a locker plant and peaked in…… The room was completely white and clean as a whistle, lit up  and  very cold……. it was the size of a basketball court and it was to be the new flower warehouse for some fields out in the glades and nearby that raised flowers for market. We brought 10 more units that were about 6 feet long and 4 feet wide. These would make an addition of again that big and  really hold the inventory. Many varieties to go all over the US.

  Meanwhile Daddy-o checked oil, water, and those pesky tires while I did some bookwork….. I called a few people to see if there was anything going anywhere…… (I’m not fussy on a Thurs. in South Florida) and nothing yet…….
   We know of a place pretty close but to the West of town and head to there because of no room to park where we unloaded and find a spot that would be good for the night just in case we have to stay anf don’t get something out.  It’s $10.00  a nite to park there but alot of the truck stops on the East Coast charge for their parking so it’s just one of those extra expenses. I don’t pay yet as we may be leaving….hopefully…. and I get out my scanner, printer, copier etc. and start to send all my paperwork to the office through the computer. I had 9 sheets  to scan, and send to e-mail so it takes some time . Daddy-o walked up to the little cafe ( a tiki hut with a thached roof) to get some extra coffee, and the phone rings…… An agent has another load of air handlers going north and then West. I decide that would be the best thing for us to do because we need to be back to the Northwest before the  last week of Oct. Seems like that is a long way off but not when your in South Florida and  and  you have several stopoffs to make……
   We take Alligator Alley over to the West part of Florida and pass by a huge panther refuge and see some alligators sunning themselves on the brown and sage green weeds of the shore at the canals edge (with a big fence!) By this time , its about 88 degrees and still fairly comfortable.  A few armadillo’s along the way also and  fisherman  fishing in the canal beside the road. I guess there is some good bass in there. We stop along the way for some delicous grapefruit and oranges to put in our fruit sack that we snack on while going from here to there. We don’t load until Friday morning so as we’re coming north to the shipper, I tell Daddy-0 that we are only  about an hour from some old friends that we haven’t seen for almost 4 years so we take a chance  and call to see if they would like to have dinner with us and catch up on news. Luckily, they haven’t eaten and said” yes, where will you be? , we’ll come get you”.  We plan which exit and  they take us to a great BBQ place and stay for a couple hours and gab……….Then we are off and down the road…………..(.pic to follow)