A quick load out of Eastern Montana


   Early  on  Thurs morning, we ventured about a 100 miles to the East and loaded up a quick load that will take us to a better freight area for the weekend and that is the object of taking something that is not the best paying when  one gets out of a freight lane with good paying freight. For example: you get a great paying load out of Houston going to North Dakota. There is no freight usually going out of North Dakota so you end up bouncing (deadheading) out to maybe Minn. or Iowa or you are offered a low paying something just to get going and you have your choice, take or leave it. No one is upset with you, it;s just whatever you want to do………….. I choose to take this one and get going.To me, I’ll run a cheap load once in awhile and still make some on it, but that’s just me. Friday is just around the corner and I’ll take almost anything if it’s going to a place that has regular flow of freight. I don’t care if I have to tarp it or not. I’m thankful to get something . I’ll wash up later…. This particular one didn’t have to be tarped so I’m off! I t was those blocks of scrap metal and they pay by the ton. I light weighted(take truck onto scale) before loading and that tells me just what can go on the truck (weight) and what can;t. I manage 23 ton (46,000#) and we are off and running in about 2 hours. One good thing about this load, it’s low with no wind resistance and is loaded  heavy on the drive axel (about 32500#) (the limit is 34,000# on that axel) so the truck carries it well. It’s not dragging it.  I need to unload this by noon on Friday so I can get to another one before the afternoon is up or have to lay over for the weekend. My gross weight  is 79,420#. that leaves me 500# for fuel to make 80,000 #, legal weight . 60 gallons @ 8lbs per gallon is 480#’s. That’ll do!!! ( I have about 50 galllons on board.) My tanks hold about 230 gallons total.
   An agent that I have worked with from time to time over the years, called and offered me another shorty for over the weekend going down to Ok. and that’s a good area so I said yes. That one loads on Sat. so now I don’t have to hurry…….. we will  be able to stop earlier that I had originally thought tonight and get some extra sleep which I need because last week was a marathon and those weeks tend to  wear on you after awhile. Daddy-o gets tired too. Riding is hard to do!!! Next week will be busy so I can use the extra rest……..

   We stay in the Fargo area and  get going by 7am. The port of entry is closed on the Mn. side and we slide by quickly.There are some  red and yellow leaves tumbling across the hiway as we head southeast and a reminder that fall is closing in fast. Huge, white cumulous clouds drift toward the North and they all look exactly the same, as though we were viewing them with 3D glasses on. I still have a couple hundred miles to go but know I will be fine with time and probably end up waiting for them at their lunch break at the place I’m to  unload at….. sure enough, as we  just get started  to unchain, the buzzer goes off and it’s lunch for the workers…… one more time over the scale and we are out of there to jump on the superslab and head to the next shipper for Sat. morning, bright and early…………… By monday morning, we will be in Northern Oklahoma…………

Happy Trails!!      536 miles–2 days