Bay Area to unload


    I  try to time this out so that I get to the Fairfield Scales (very strict) about 9am and I am about 100 miles out. Monday morning traffic going into San Fran is hectic and lane control and paying attention are vital to getting in and out without a mishap. Fortunatly, I get to the scales at just about 9am and  there is 3 lanes of trucks all hoping they won’t be the one to get called in for inspection. We crawl at 3mph as they check ground pressure (lingo) and as my back duals cross over the last scale in the mirrors, with no RED light, I mash on it and am out the gate to the South Bay area and that will take me at least 1 1/2 hours with traffic.  .When I get to the consignee, they are taking freight off of other trucks and I must wait, then they take lunch……….. meanwhile, I have to get reloaded in two places back in the Sacramento Area and that is 2- 3 hours away and they close by 5pm. I’m under pressure!  If I play my cards right ,(pun) we will be in Reno tonight for a late supper and a good nights sleep. I really want to make that happen!!!   So………I give them a sob story and they finally get over to unload us with the crane. We are out of there by 12:30pm and make it to the 1st shipper by 3pm. Load part of the freight and then they have no loading dock for the forklift so we had to go a mile and load that ………..then back track to the second shopper 33 miles and we made it there at 4:40pm . It took awhile to get it all tied down and the night watchman let us out of the gate. At last, we are on our way to Reno…………………9:30pm Reno!!!
Happy Trails!!!   487miles today

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