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   High tide is at 8:55am tomorrow so we have to be out and ready to have traps baited with chicken by 7:55am. After lowering traps down where we think is a good spot, we will probably try our luck for that Chinook King Salmon. I want a 50 lb, er soooooooo bad!!!! ( But will take a jack, no problem)
Happy Trails!!

Southern Oregon Coast

Monday–Sept. 5,2011–4:44am

    Even though its dark out yet, it feels just too hot in the house to remain in sleeping mode. I give it another 15 minutes and then I decide,” I might as well look for the crab crackers in the silverware drawer that I forgot the last time we went to the coast and wished I had at least one of them to use and ended up  using a vice grip that just didn’t seem  like the proper thing to use and could hardly get my hand around the pot metal handles as I wondered what they were last used for….. but I still wanted to get that last little bit out of the shells and couldn’t do it without them…….. It’ll work “, I said. I tried to be as quiet as possible and not wake Daddy-o before he was ready to rise and load wood into the boat for our campfire. I put on a dimmer light over the kitchen table and turned it low…… I found one small crab fork and then one more in behind all the beer caps and strained  to look at the back of the drawer for the real thing, the crackers. I have a variety and want to get all of them just incase we get some company, and find two that somehow..?..?. ended up at the house from a buffet at a casino somewhere. Those are good ones. A red one and a couple of big chrome ones that pass well for nut crackers at Christmas time. We’re set! I line them up on the counter and  count six.This time we’ll have no problem opening the claws and pulling out the long ,white, fillet of crabmeat with a tiny line of reddish vein on the side , letting one know they are eating the freshest dungeness  crab cooked in ocean water (very salty) rite from the mouth of the bay. The body of the crab is full of sweet , white meat also and after a couple of whole morsels, one begins to get full. Melted butter and some lemon accompany this feast and  the rest is picked clean and saved for crab cakes or whatever you have receipes for.
   When arriving at our destination, lucky fisherman clean there catches at the fish cleaning station. Pictures are in order for later on, over time to look back on and gloat about that 40 lb,er and wrap up those 2 foot long, orange fillets and bring them back to camp for a scrumptuous dinner. The air is Coast cool (barely 60) while the Valley enjoys 90’s and everyone has a good sized coat on if not a winter wrap and glad of it. The wind  eats through the seams little by little and soon one wants long sleeves in addition to the coat you have on but it could be worse……..it could be raining!!!. I call the Northwest  “rugged”!!! That seems to fit for a description. It calls you to see how much you can take. I figured the weather would be close to perfect but maybe tomorrow…………
  Happy Trails!!