Moving towards Montana

Tues. & Wed.

   Tues ended up to be  very busy while working towards getting into  Idaho. We started out from Reno and kept checking the load as equipment sometimes has to settle on the trailer and stay there. We had a misc. bunch of air compressors, bobcat forklift, 4 sets of forks, a light plant on rubber tires, among other things. Stopping in Winnemucca for delicouts breakfast and back on the road again, ending up at a rest stop east of Burley, Id. for the night. The pitch dark sky was lit amazingly by the constellations and I had to take one more look before turning in. 
   Wed. started early, 6:15 out the gate and not stopping for much of anything. I needed to get over to Eastern Montana ASAP. We took the pass roads over Western Yellowstone and watched carefully for moose out feeding and detours not marked to well. I was loaded out at about 70,000# so I didn’t come down the other side just too fast. The temperature outside was just right and it felt like a fall day until getting to the top, then somewhat cooler and rolled by several fly fisherman out in the streams casting to and fro. The water clear all the way to the bottom and looked only a few inches deep but  with multicolored pebbles reaching up to the top through the rapids and looking like the dots on the backs of the trout they were fishing for.
   We reached Eastern Montana about 8:00pm and were flagged into the bumpy lot and I backed into the loading dock and flipped on the load lights (2 nice big lights attached to the headache rack shining back onto the trailer) All was well and we could start out fresh in the morning and get the next load on  about 100 miles down the road in North Dakota.

Happy Trails!!!     Tues.–512 miles    Wed—-639 miles

Bay Area to unload


    I  try to time this out so that I get to the Fairfield Scales (very strict) about 9am and I am about 100 miles out. Monday morning traffic going into San Fran is hectic and lane control and paying attention are vital to getting in and out without a mishap. Fortunatly, I get to the scales at just about 9am and  there is 3 lanes of trucks all hoping they won’t be the one to get called in for inspection. We crawl at 3mph as they check ground pressure (lingo) and as my back duals cross over the last scale in the mirrors, with no RED light, I mash on it and am out the gate to the South Bay area and that will take me at least 1 1/2 hours with traffic.  .When I get to the consignee, they are taking freight off of other trucks and I must wait, then they take lunch……….. meanwhile, I have to get reloaded in two places back in the Sacramento Area and that is 2- 3 hours away and they close by 5pm. I’m under pressure!  If I play my cards right ,(pun) we will be in Reno tonight for a late supper and a good nights sleep. I really want to make that happen!!!   So………I give them a sob story and they finally get over to unload us with the crane. We are out of there by 12:30pm and make it to the 1st shipper by 3pm. Load part of the freight and then they have no loading dock for the forklift so we had to go a mile and load that ………..then back track to the second shopper 33 miles and we made it there at 4:40pm . It took awhile to get it all tied down and the night watchman let us out of the gate. At last, we are on our way to Reno…………………9:30pm Reno!!!
Happy Trails!!!   487miles today

southbound and down


   We were on the road  by sunrise and a little before.( It;s  legal to start 1/2 hour before sunrise) checked  everything, tires (one had a defective valve stem on Thurs that had to be fixed), oil, water, lights etc. and it was time to get going. The sky was threatening somewhat of rain and  fog in places but the farther we went south the clearer the sky became and so by the time we popped over the Siskiyou’s at the border only dark, cumulonimbus clouds could be seen in the mirrors. Running though California  was a perfect 70ish degrees and we ended up at a little town in mid valley before Sacramento for the night. ( There are no truck stops at all in the whole Bay area of San Francisco so if one id going into that area  for a morning delivery then you must stay out somewhere and come in  in the morning. Besides , I had an oversize  on and I was under curfew until 9am in the Bay area.) We stay in the truck every night that we area gone so I try to pick a spot that is fairly quiet which doesn’t happen that often, but still try my best.

Happy Trails!         421 miles

Back to it……….oversize load to Bay area of Ca.

An agent called with a short load going to Northern Ca. in the Bay area so I decided to go with it because things are a little slow  in the Northwest right now.

   The weather is cool in the morning and quite warm in the afternoon hours. There are some fronts out in the Pacific right now and rain is forecast for the 1st part of the week and showers after that so I guess its the start of the wet season. I will leave at sunrise and be out of the  region before it pours, I hope. I don’t want to get my washed truck all dirty before I have to.
   All the vineyards here in the valley are counting on more sunny afternoons for the pinot grapes to glisson a dark purple under the leaves. They are trimmed to hang directly in line with the rest and just underneath the greenery so the workers can snip, snip, snip all in a row and fill their pouches or baskets as quickly as possible. As you ride along on the road , going from town to town, one can see all the black bunches waiting to be cut from the vines and  for the day the tasting room is open  for the new years vintage.
   Today we also shopped for our Halloween costumes and luckily  found everything we wanted in just a short time. Afew extra this and that and we’ll be ready. I knew by the time we get back from work, everything would be picked over or gone so today needed to take place, for sure. Our youngest son is getting married in Las Vegas and we all will be there over Halloween so it should be a blast. We are keeping what we will be wearing a secret until that evening, then pictures and celebrating until who knows when!!
   4:30am  comes early…………..Happy Trails!

October Fest

Fall is in the air as September slides by quickly and all of a sudden its time for our local October Fest in the Valley Region of Oregon. Mt Angel is a quaint little town that comes alive for a few days every September and the roads are filled with  cars looming  from every direction and arriving  to hopefully find a place to park that is close to the downtown area. Most of the residents that live close to downtown, rent out their yards for parking and pick up extra cash for the Holidays for that trip to  Hawaii that will look mighty fine in January. We  (2 cars full) found places not far at all (about 2 blocks) away and immediately found the 1st corn dog stand to begin the fun! These were  of homemade batter and deep brown when they handed them across the window.” Be careful, they’re hot” we told the little kids and off we went  to explore all the booths and people watch. Almost all the booths  at this Fest are there for the local churches, or city civic organizations around this part so they vie for bragging rights to whatever they produce and show off all their products with pride. It is fun to buys this and that when one knows its helping their cause and money will be spent in another way down the road.

   Next , we hit the Mt Angel Sausage Co, for their wonderful brats  with fried, carmelized, onions and white, stringy saurkraut, my favorite. I ask for extra of both just for good measure and we go inside to  relax . This place carry’s real German Beer and most of us indulge in a frosty (plastic) glass of the dark or somewhat dark ale. The children are satisfied with their 7up and with a little prodding, I ask at the counter to put some German music on instead of Petula Clark. Just isn’t festive until the umpa band is ringing in the background. They delightfully accommodate us and we have a few dances along with extra suds.
   The weather and clouds are just starting to burn off and get sunny. A few stratus clouds  are high in the sky and a couple of thunder heads dot the horizon with the air temperature around 68 to 70. It was pretty cool early in the morning so we all took some sweatshirts along just in case but did not need them afterall. One more lazy summer afternoon everyone appreciated. We then check out some more booths and look for the beer hall. Bands from all over will be playing and of course, everyone joins in for the fun.
   Admission and a wrist band  get us all in . Seating is pretty full  but manage to find one, long row that will work for our group. Its still very early in the day and it will only get more crowded by night fall. We plan to leave by that time. The little kids are begging for the big, soft, brown and white pretzels with chunks salt  on them. That’s easy to accommodate. I decide some hot mustard may be in order for leftovers, if there is any and bring a small plate back with 2 kinds of flavors. The little kids end up on stage with others and try yoddeling . Everyone loves this  and laughter is all you hear for awhile. Finally, everyone votes for the best one and its contestant #2. Picture time and  then back to dancing.  The long horns are my favorite to watch and wonder how they have that much control over the intonation of the mouthpiece. The sounds are as smooth as silk and they don’t miss a beat. Wonderful!!!
Happy Trails!!

boat ride and no salmon for us

Later in the day , we decided to fish for salmon again and find the channel in the river and be sure of where the deep water was……… then all the birds that were sunning themselves while the fog stays out away from the bay…………….Happy Trails!!


9-10-2011-1      ava's ballet--winchester bay 7-9-11 017

Oregon Sand Dunes

Saturday-9-10-11  AM

   Today we decided to check out the Dunes just  about a half mile from here with entrances all over. In fact there is an entrance a few feet behind where we are camping. The quads and sand buggies motor there way in, and from there its whatever the driver wants to do to catch some air or race each other to the top!  This is a huge sport here and many people get together and camp, ride,gather for bbq’s . Don’t ask me how they manage to get their RV’s out there without getting stuck, but there they are , way in and on top of a sand hill.
9-10-2011-c1      9-10-2011-c3

pics –crabbing

Coast Guard passes us while putting out the traps:


9-6-2011-1       9-6-2011-2


9-6-2011-4     9-6-2011-5 (2)

 10 keepers in the 1st trap!!!!
Time for  a fire and marshmallows!
   Happy  Trails!!!!