The weekend went quick and the weather was  beautiful all the way to Eastern Montana. The Montana DOT was glad to get their precious cargo as this is the time to really get all the lines on the road while the weather is good. The temperature has been quite warm and a forcast for 98 today. Very glad to be unloaded early.
    Again, looking for something to haul out of this area but I know their is not much manufacturing in this area. I do have a couple of agents that deal with this part of the state though and I get in touch with them promptly.    By 1pm, someone has lined up two loads that will coinside with each other but I must back track 140 miles to pick up the first one in the morning. This one is an oversize load that will go to Southern California and into the oil fields or the farming community. Not sure exactly yet what it is that I will be hauling. Never heard of the name of this freight before. We’ll see. When loaded that one should be able to be unloaded by Thurs. afternoon or Fri. morn. Two trucks are on this particular load. It is not very wide and will be under 10′. That means I could go at nite with the proper lighting if I wanted. Over 10′ is not allowed.  The other load will be picked up in Los Angeles and will come back up to Eastern Montana probably over the next weekend. That one is going to be a farm truck and forklift, I think. We go to the local Walmart for some groceries before we take off for this next load. With an oversize on , there is not much chance of finding one right at the freeway exit and I can not go any further off the hiway than about half a block or so since I will be under permits for each state and will be routed by the state . I can request a route that I want and then they  reroute if nessesary because of construction etc.  Each state will meet up with the other to continue on with the route as you go from each state to the next.  (sometimes its a zig zag , depends on how wide or tall you are. overweight usually doesn’t take priority).  We have our supper and Daddy-o is checking things out for tomorrow. Shower time and R &R.  I hope everything goes on the trailer ok in the morning. Sometimes it just doesn’t fit and you’ve traveled a distance. Money wasted.   
   Happy Trails!!

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