weekend of sailing classes before I start work next week.


   I am alittle bit tired this morning since I spent all weekend trying to make sure I pass the test that was quite long and alot of hands on situations. Of course , it poured out all morning so the instructors decided to have classroom all morning. Good thing. after lunch the written test and then hands on docking , undocking, and three of us  raising sails etc. and then a out we went to see if we remembered anything that we were taught. The current was still very strong out on the Columbia River and no real wind out there so we had to really keep our eye on not  floating too far toward the interstate bridge. Tacking and gybing and just getting used to all the boats around as we finally decided we needed to get back to the dock. Sails need to be lowered and the genoa was first. Next the mainsail, (don’t forget to put the boom topping lift back on the boom!!) otherwise the boon falls down ( I hate when that happens). Down comes the mainsail and we get back to the dock all in one piece!!! It was a great time really. Next time will be better and not quite so stressed. I passed the test and received certification for  Basic Keelboat up to 24′. I am soo happy. Now I need to practice but I have no boat, right. Maybe I will join  the sailing club up there for a year. Don’t know yet. This pic is not from the class . Sail for the Cure last year on the Columbia. Afund raiser for Breast Cancer that we went on with the club members in Sept. Nice sail!!!!
    On Wed. we load and go back to work. This load will take us to Connecticut.  Much to do to get ready.  Happy Trails!!!