Catching up from the 4th of July

Will have to catch up some as the last couple days of hauling before the 4th ended up to be really busy!!!

    The rails that I picked up in southern Ca. for the Northwest were 50 foot long instead of 40 ‘ and they were  manufactured in Germany for the Disney Company. They are specially made for a train ride or adventure ride that I will be taking up to Portland, Or. to get bent for that specific purpose and then they will be shipped back to Ca. or Fl. to Disney World…..  About 150 miles from where I will unload these to be bent, I get another call  from an agent saying that he had a short haul out of Wa. state (just above the border) that needed to be loaded yet that afternoon and needed to be unloaded  Thurs morning 180 miles down the road in Eastern Wa., but was pretty good revenue and wondered if I would like to do it…. I really didn”t want to as we had plans to go to Seattle on Fri. morn and didn’t have any idea if our motorcycles  were ready to go since it was the first time out since last Fall.   Ummmmmmmmm….Ok , I couldn’t pass it up so we found the consignees company (unload) and got unloaded fast. Then I called the shipper to get directions to the next place and  off we went. He said he would wait until 4pm max.  When I got there it was a super load and now I could understand why the revenue was  pretty good. This was also railroad freight but it was 60′ long and 10′ wide.  ( 60’ rails attached to the railroad ties) That meant in order to swing the load around a corner , I would have to stretch out all the way (release the dawgs and set the brakes on trailer,make sure dawgs are all the way out and ease forward with the tractor until the 5th wheel was all the way to the back,set the dawgs again). Then put the two bridges up on the deck and hope that the  railroad tyes would match the bridges , to set the load on, and have12 feet off the back of the trailer. Next , figure out if I would be overweight on the back axel or not and tie down with everything we had,  Precarious!!!! To top it all off, Everyone there spoke mostly Russian. Interesting.  Then order the permits for two states and check to see if we were still under curfew for the city of Portland. (no oversize loads can move from 3:30pm—6pm around most cities). About 5:45 we were ready and it was 6 about the time we got back down to the freeway. Now, two little things to worry about—-a slow leak in one of my trailer tires on the outside back duel and a low beam was out I discovered coming up from Ca.The most important of the two is the low tire but I have a port of entry to cross yet tonite before dark and I could get called in for the headlite since oversize loads must have all lites on and  that means points against me. Ummmm……  I know of a truck stop  on the way out before the POEntry so I stop there and Daddy-o checks for an airhose and I run in to look for a headlite.  All the time the sun is going farther down…….. Have to take the headlite out to check the number on it , back in while Daddy-o puts air in. I find one and rush out and take over the tire job and let Daddy-o put the headlite in. Yes…. we are on the way!!!    I already know where I want to stop for the nite. Its about an hour  down the road. As I approach the POE, the scalemaster is checking the load out and how its tied down and of course , the weight. I get the green lite…Yes! We are home free!! We find a place to squeeze  in for the nite and the sun is just over the mountains.  About 20 minutes of twilight left. I take a few seconds to gaze at the Columbia Gorge that is right in front of me and  always marvel at its beauty. I have gone by two huge dams, one, the Bonneville Dam that is a kick to go see the salmon pass by with big windows inside the dam. Those big baby’s swim by in all their glory and head upstream  to spawn. Some are 50 or more lbs. More on that later…..I start my paperwork and we still haven’t had supper yet. We  grab some McDonald’s and call it good. It’s pitch dark now and am glad I have Daddy-0 here with me to walk back to the truck. When alone I make sure I have everything I need by now so that I don’t have to leave the truck this late. I have a porta potty for wizz’s and I don’t get out at night.  Now for a few winks. I tell myself I need to be ready to go by sun up and set my alarm. If we want to get home to check the motorcycles , I best be unloading this as early as possible to get going home deadhead (not loaded). We have a severe hill to climb first thing tomorrow morning going into Wa. and about 2 hours of driving to unload.  Nite nite
 June 30th—5:30am
   That was way to quick for the alarm to be going off!!! Just get going!!……  We cross the bridge and start up the steep incline. I wonder if all that weight off the back will stay there….. I have 60 miles to go before I make the turn onto the next hiway so we watch for deer and settle in . Very mountainous here so it takes time to climb the hills and go down too. The agent called to tell me that the other loaded truck missed his corner and had to turn around (just a bump on the road) so I take note of where to stop. As we approach the jobsite, its a crane on the tracks and he directs me to where the truck should be and I back in. We are unloaded in 30 minutes. Yea……… He signs my paperwork and we are off for home.  That  was well worth it but left us with hardly any time to get ready to go for the weekend. This should be interesting!!!!!!   We will  get rested later, I guess.
Happy Trails!!!