Friday loading

Friday 17th 2011

   6:30—– I awoke as the alarm goes off and decide I need to get going as shipper wants to load at 7am and I am about a half hour from him so I make coffee for Daddy-o and get dressed. There is a nice breeze coming in the window and as of yesterday I discover that my air conditioning isn’t blowing cold. I will call a few dealers to see if they have a new air conditioning compressor along the way as the dealer near here did not have the one I need. I figure that somewhere along the way I will get everything fixed and not have to go through  the desert to California without it.  

7am— I  arrive at the plant where I will load and the security person at the guard shack tells me that my loading will not be ready until 8am and that I can not stay on site and will have to turn around and come back at 8. Bunk!!!

8am—- I arrive back and  wait until 10:30. Two other trucks load first and then I am cleared to load. Fork lift driver comes to get us and we are loaded within the hour. pretty good load with chains and binders and a low load that will not have anything sticking up to catch the air. Should be  fairly easy going through the air. Things are clouding up and it looks quite rainy. The load weighs about what it should, 43,500#. I don’t have to pay for a scale ticket ($10.00) this time as I have onboard scales and can calculate pretty well how much  is on each axel. I am legal. When it get s close , I get a scale ticket just to make sure!! If it’s heavy on one or another axel ,I must go back and have it adjusted. No fun!!  I am usually quite a ways away from where I have loaded. Costly!!  Daddy-o looks hungry!!!

11am—–As we head North back into the Denver area to catch another freeway going East it really lets out a free wash with a little hail connected to it. All traffic stops up ahead and its 6 miles of bumper to bumper for an accident up ahead. hopefully no one was hurt. I just take my time…..The jake brake picks em off as I roll down a pretty good hill and churps  as I mash back onto the petal and proceed ahead.  The foothills are green and beautiful around  the Springs again as I pass by. I roll past Pikes Peak International Speedway and can see they are getting ready for their season. Up through Denver,  the usual traffic jams takes place and again just wait it out.

 2:30pm—- I call for directions in Wisconsin and get an automated direction line and jot down everything I hopefully need to get there on Monday morning successfully. I did not get to speak to anyone so i left a message  telling them I would be there at 8am.   If I wait till  Monday to do it, I may not be able to unload because of appointments not being made. So is best to let them know ahead.( I usually don’t need appt.)

5:30pm—-I arrive at a truck stop that I know has good food and good parking for the nite. I am in Nebraska now and will travel across into Iowa  tomorrow.   By Sunday, I should be all the way up to the Northern part of Wisconsin and ready for a Monday morning unload, bright and early.

  327 miles today                        ( a couple of truck problems to work in, inbetween the other items: air conditioning and hood cables for opening and closing hood properly somewhere down the road)

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