Monday is unloading day




    I awoke at 6:30am to make some coffee and make sure of my directions for unloading. the weather was very cool  and I grabbed my buttondown shirt for awhile and didn’t want to put any heat on. It would be just too much even though it was chilly. I always want to crawl back into my cozy bed when its chilly in the morning. we put the screens in the cab windows last nite just so the breeze could penetrate the sleeper and  go out the sleeper slideing one way or the other, window vents. It worked perfectly. By the time the coffee was finished slowly dripping in the glass container,  (4 cup)  Daddy-o was ready to get up and  try for a nearby restroom . There was a small grocery store just ahead of us, a block or so, and I teased him  that they may not have one there.  He walked even faster  and chuckled at me as he looked back. Meanwhile, I lifted everything  from the front to the back and arranged it all in its place for the day.  (printer,laundry bag,large bag of oranges, computer bag, our library (magazines and whatever book I like to read or study pertaining to whatever I’m learning about at the time), jackets, etc.) I have a place for everything or we are constantly picking it up and moving it somewhere . It gets annoying so I keep stuff in order except for toward the end of the trip, then I just deal with it because i know I’ll be home soon. the phone rings and an agent has a load to run by me and I like what I hear and tell her, Yup, I’ll take that one. She says “I’ll check to see if its still there and call you back in a little”.
Daddy-o gets back and tells me the lady was cleaning the restroom and he had to wait.  (fun)
That they had big rolls like  frosted maple bars that are his favorite but he didn’t get one. We just can’t start that right now, NO!  I push the brake in and ease out behind a building onto the big street and Daddy-o tells me to roll up my window as there is a hole in the back of the cement block of that white building just ahead . There is a bee hive in amongst  the bushes and large hole in the back wall. Hundreds of yellow jackets are looking for breakfast.  We roll by and up onto the hiway. The military base  is not too far up the road and I’m in there by 8:10am. Just right . I call my contact person and he meets us in 10 minutes and I follow him to the unloading ramp and in 15 minutes we are all unloaded and ready for the next load which will take me to the Northwest and  home for awhile over the 4th of July. Only thing is , is that the load is in the LA area and its a big deadhead (unloaded miles). I still will take this one as it is quite close to where I live and it evens out the miles as I don’t have much deadhead at the end of this run.
   2pm—I arrive at the shipper and have alittle trouble finding exactly where I should be. After getting to the rite place, I am told that the railroad rails are 50′ long instead fo 40′.So I must use the two bridges that I have onboard the trailer to even out the load all the way from the front to back of trailer. I they would have been 40′, I could have put them on the bottom of the trailer and had my whole top deck empty and could have found an extra little load to go on there if there was something going that way. Extra revenue!!  No such luck now. We chain down and use some extra straps. Now we are completely dirty and sweaty so after we fuel , a nice shower will feel soooo good. I get my  bill of lading and we are off. I make it out of the northbound scale without getting called in for an inspection, thank goodness!!  You never know what they are doing in there!! I pull the grapevine northbound and  ease down the other side with the straight pipes bellering loud. 35 mph is the limit on the way down. I cut her loose about 3/4 mile from the bottom and coast for a long while.
   8pm— Finally its time for that shower and some grub. I’ll start early tomorrow, I think!
405 miles——-unload and load, fuel, etc.—-Happy Trails!