A little Nevada fun

6-25-11  Saturday

       After coming down thru Ut. with all the beautiful mountains and  many hills and mts. to climb and  making sure that the load and equipment was all in order for the rest of the trip, we took a mini vacation in Nevada because the load is not be  delivered until Monday and  Nevada is always a fun place to take a rest. Very hot these two days but  the APU is keeping up pretty good with the A/C working  hard and long. I have a foil backed banner that fits in the windshield and keeps out the sunlite  quite well. Newspaper works as an insulator in the roll up windows that the banner doesn’t cover. 
   There were many prairie dogs up in the Ut. area that are fun to watch see them scurry around from mound to mound. They sit on their back feet and just look at you as you go by. I always wonder how much  food they get from the grasses around them as its usually mighty bare with sandy  soil showing all over.
   Also viewed many deer and  one unusual animal that looked like a deer but had such long ears , it almost looked like a small moose head. Couldn’t be though.  We thought maybe it was large velvet surounding the ears but???? The body was very stout and musculer, not at all like a deer. Very med. brown in color.  
   The Colorado River was raging thru Co. and Ut. It is over the banks in many places and pretty much out of control. Almost all the rivers all over are still so completely full. Just seems to be so late in the year for so much water yet flowing so fast and dirty. 
  Listened  to a band   that was called The Nancy Rayguns. What a trip! They were spectacular!  Sounded a little like the Stray Cats. Funky!!!   A people watching  brigade that  took the entire evening.  Too much food, of course, but a nessesity when in Nevada!!  I’ll start  all over when I get back to work and watch the calories, which will be early tomorrow morning. I  plan to start about 4am . Getting over the desert while cool is the way to go if possible and  I will be  in California soon.
   By  taking 34 hours off in a row,  I will clear my log book out of hours and I can start fresh
 with no hours  in the morning. I am allowed 70  in  7 days and  my log book was getting full so this was the place I  decided to be off duty at.  It’s called a 34 hour restart.  
   Happy Trails!!