Tues, Wed.-westbound and down

Tues. –6-21-11

   Today i needed to get the A/C fixed. Motored last leg to get to the dealer in Iowa. With a midmorning appt. I figured  I would be out of there by noon. Was not to be.  they were pretty busy  but  the mechanic put on the new compressor and clutch for it, then  went to get the  shop supervisor, which was nice considering this was the third place for the same problem. They wanted to make sure that it was properly done, I hope.  All I was well around 3:30pm. It was blowing 35-40 degrees………. $760.00 please…….We were back on the super slab and the day was coming to a close so I found a truck stop around 7pm and there was an Applebees on that same exit , our favorite when out on the road.   Boneless wings, classic style and an adult brew….. good nite all.
Wed. 6-22-11-  5am
   I had my alarm set for 4am  and was out the gate by 5am.This will be a long day . I run into Mc Donald’s for some coffee for Daddy-o and we’re off. I roll thru the rest of Ia. and into Nebraska. Port of entry scale gives me a bypass sign and (I don’t think they are ready for customers yet) I’m not stopping for anything just yet.  Down the road  at Grand Island there is a truck stop that is usually good for breakfast. Yes, this would be good since there isn’t anything decent from here to Denver (180miles).  We get filled up  and come out to check everything and Daddy-o finds an alien under the trailer hanging on for dear life. I thought I heard something back there last nite!!  He chased it away and then he see the flashing light lens on top of the truck is just about to come off so he fixes that with some tie straps. Thank goodness he saw that! They are about $200 bucks. We are off again.
   Now I have to make a decision whether to stop here in Denver or start  up over the Rockies. Its  pretty early yet so I decide to go for it. Only thing is that once you start up there is not many places to park a truck , only about 3 and they are very small . I decide to take my chances and head out. Pulling these mts. are hard on everyhting so I take it as easy as possible. Coming down is very time consuming as I am pretty heavy and you must not get going to fast at the top of mountain coming down or you could loose your braking power because they will get extremly hot in a short time. A good rule of thumb is to come down one gear down from where you came up. In other words: if your pulling gear is the first one in the high box, you come down the last gear in the low box.  I actually came down the second last gear in the low box as it is a 7% grade and 7 miles down. You really don’t want to  ….. up. When your brakes get hot they glaze over and your all done then. There is about 4 runaway truck ramps at Vail mountain and also Eisenhower Mountain. In Truck’n slang that means your going to go in the sandbox if your brakes go out and hopefully you will live through it. Some jump out on the way down.  Just don’t get yourself in that situation!!! Also in the winter when you are coming down and not chained up it called coming ddown” barefoot”. When your putting on your chains you are” hanging iron”  I find one spot left on the other side and I’m beat. aquick sandwich and nite nite.
Tues—327 miles—————-Wed.—- 716 miles…