Westbound and down


   7:30am—-I thought about checking the computer early, just to see if I was already past where I needed to turn in my directions.  The truck stop where we stayed happened to be more than a block or so from the freeway and I was just mostly interested in getting a place to park and not what street I was passing. As I checked the directions to where I had to deliver on mapquest, I was relieved to see I still needed to go further and then turn left.  Upon getting to the consignee (receiver) on the job site, all were busy loading a base unit for one of the windmills going else where. They said it would be alittle time before we could unload. I was not to concerned because I was already committed to the next load and it is only about 70 miles from here. It will go to California and I won’t unload this next load until Monday of next week. It’s to a military base and there will be no unloading on Sat or Sun. Might as well take my time and not have to hurry on this next trip.  Nice! Forklift operator came shortly after and by that time there was another truck waiting so he unloaded me in short time. On my way to my next load. I phone in to the office and haave them mark me empty so that I can be dispatched  for the next load when I load at the shipper.
   10:30am— Procedure has changed from the last time I loaded there and we must call now from a truck stop in town (about 4 miles away) and let them know we are here and ask if  we can come out to load. Evidently , since there is so much equipment to ship there is not much room for extra trucks which is understandable. they tell me to come ahead and when I get there , there is only two trucks loading. I like this place as it is easy to back into loading dock and they drive the vehicle on and drivers responsibilites to chain down and strap the box as an extra precaution. Doesn’t take long at all. Get my paperwork and we’re off. Now I must check my load and log everything including a load check 30 minutes from when I put it on. Make sure all chains and binders are tight ., check my tires every time I check my load and look at everything as I walk around truck. Things can come loose at the worse of times and I don’t want anything coming off on the road. Make sure mirrors are folded in or it would be an oversize load. Not this time. It’s legal–12′ 9″ high. 13′ 6″ is legal in the Eastern states and 14′ in the Western states.  We grab a ham sandwich that  I made in the sleeper.  Fresh ham and fresh whole wheat bread that I bought last nite after going to Applebee’s and Cheetos. Good lunch!
   3pm— I get alittle lost going around Madison ,Wi. That’s the second time I’ve done that but just wasn’t watching good enough for the exit that I needed. We were gabbing.  I find where I need to get off and we are back on track. It’s getting steamy and a slight fog is rising above the crops in the field. Corn looks fantastic and the beans are perfectly in their rows. The rolling hills are green with trees and crops. All different colors of green that stands out against the rich black dirt that I;m used to seeing around here. Since I was raised in the Midwest, it all feels very familiar. All the houses are picture perfect even if some are not the most expensive. All are mowed and of course, no weeds standing next to the out buildings–neat as a pin. As a child, our lawn was mostly dandelions, clover, with a bunch of grass with some pig weed here and there. My dad ran over it with the mower and that was it. But these lawns are just  checkered and green and edged. It must  be a priority  and probably  feels like a huge job when not having time to enjoy doing it.
   5:30pm—I call to make sure the dealer that I ordered the parts for the air conditioner , are in and  they are so I make sure that I have an appointment for Tues, morning sometime to get it fixed. hopefully  they will get it fixed and stay  fixed this time. I don’t want to stick more money  into it but I need it  to be cool for driving. It’s very fatiguing to be hot and running for many miles upon end. We’ll see tomorrow. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I spent $300.00 in Co. and they found the problems but they didn’t have the parts to fix it so they had to take out the refrigerant and let me go on my way. Got  my money back from Portland , Or dealer as they did not find the problem just a band aid on it. Tomorrow will be more money but it should be ok.  Luckily the weather has been pretty cool.
   Today:  unload, reload, drive 265 miles————–Yesterday,408 miles——-Happy Trails!!