Sunday, Fathers Day


   I  peaked out of the sleeper this morning at 5:30am to see fog that was thick and couldn’t even see up to the fuel island. We landed outside of the Big O ( Omaha) last nite and  quickly had some supper and I fell fast asleep. I wanted to get a good start this morning as when I get up to northern Wisconsin there is a little truck stop not too far from where I will be unloading and  it has a small parking lot. That means if you get there too late , you will be SOL so  I  made some coffee and we ran into the c-store to get our water jugs filled for the day.  I have a pet peeve that drives me crazy and that is men that kick their tires with tennis shoes on or just hit them with their fists. Of course, the first thing that I see this morning  is a guy in front of me, kick his front tire with a flip flop on and think that everything is fine and drives away……….Let me tell you that you can hardly tell with a ball peen hammer half the time if your tires are flat or inflated, let alone know if they are at the right pressure.  LOL
   10:00am—As I roll into Illinois, the weather is balmy and not too hot as of yet, thank goodness. No air conditioning– and as I come up to the cash box (toll booth) it reads $1.60.  (for cars) so I figure about $6.50 for trucks but the toll lady says $9.50 please, that is for 34 miles. The first sign of money extraction is here!  The next toll is $ 5.00 for just a short distance. I have no more tolls for this trip which is good. Just a short distance from there I decide to get another 100 gals. of fuel because most of the roads that I’ll be on on Mon. and Tues. will be on 2 laners and I prefer fueling at the bigger  truck stops on Interstates. Easier and cheaper.  $409.00 and I get a free shower that is good for about 5 days to use.
   3:00pm— I arrive at the small truck stop and there is still a couple holes left so I dive into one headfirst because I am very heavy and I don’t want to jockey my spread axel tires around in a tight turn to back in. I can always back out easley in the morning when all the rest are gone beside me. I do my paperwork and it starts to downpour rain. Daddy-o has been threatening me with naked pictures of Dr. Laura on the computer , if we don’t get to an Applebees pretty soon. he’s getting really thirsty!  When we came off the interstate, he saw an Applebees down the street so we’re going there  for Fathers Day!! (fun)
   Since it’s Fathers Day, i would like to wish all a happy Fathers Day!!! My father was a great guy. Just before I got married years ago, after many arrangements were  being made, he said ” Hey, I think you and me should go fishing one more time before you move.”  So we went to a small lake in Minnesota and took 2   5 gal pails along, tipped them upsidedown for chairs and talked about everything from old times to new times to life and all the mysteries of it. What we always wanted and what we thought would happen in the future. It was a great afternoon. I always remember that day. It was special!!  Happy Fathers Day Dad!
Happy Trails!!