Thurs, unload

Thurs.  6-16-11

   7:30am— Got to sleep in some this morning since I can not move until 9am anyway. I’m about 40 miles out from where I will be unloading and I think it is downtown in Denver which gives me butterflies just thinking about heading down the downtown ramp in a semi loaded with an oversize load!!  OK, take control now, I haven’t even gotten there yet………..
   10am—-I just called consignee (receiver) to let him know I am in vicinity of Coors Field where the Great Divide Brewery is located. He assures me that I must turn right approaching Arapahoe Street and then wait for further directions. I will be downtown and there is construction going on also……..The crane will be waiting and the riggers have been getting their supplies ready for the move. He also indicates that one of the tanks already in place will have to be lifted and an adjustment will have to be made on one of the feet of existing tank before mine will be lifted off. “Don’t worry,  it shouldn’t take too long and you will be on your way”………  OK , sounds good. As I approach the exit that I need to get off on, I double check to make sure it’s the right one and of course it says “Downtown exit”, ok , here I go….  As I get to the street that I need to turn on , I see someone waving their hands.  thank goodness! I turn and back into the spot behind me across the street , he flags traffic for me and I am in place….ahhhhhhhh. I jump out and start to take my flags off and unchain and unstrap. They have the tank lifted for adjustment to its leg. Meanwhile , I visit with one of the maintenance men that is in charge of getting my tank in place and explain that I’m a home brewer and ask what kinds and styles of beer they brew?After awhile I end up with 6 bottles of different brews that I would like to try while off duty….Yea…  Stout, IPA, belgian ale, amber ale and another stout. These were low fill bottles from the bottling line and would not be able to sell anyway. (I didn’t care!)
    1pm—-Motored down to the South of the state to load tomorrow for Wisconsin.  This load will consist of windmill apparatus that needs to go back to job site in Wisconsin. There will be 5 trucks loading and I hope to be not the last but will see. I have my directions and they do not include going downtown in a big city, YES.
Colorado is very beautiful especially around the Springs (Co. Springs) The military is very prevalent in this area and has alot todo with what goes on in this area. Air force……Academy etc.   I have a favorite place to go for the nite and suppe r(Mexican Food) but when I get close I hear on the CB that it has been closed and a Loves has been built with fast food…..damn, Subway again. I haven’t been in this area for some time , maybe a year or more and things change.
3pm—-Agent calls me from Co. and offers me a military load when I get the Wisconsin off, hopefully on Monday.   4 places to pick 6-16-2011-1 from and I choose California as its alot of miles and I will get back to West coast and maybe get back for the 4th of July in Northwest. 39,000#  for that one so that will be fine as I can haul 46,200# with the no chains and half tank of fuel to start out with.” Putting it in the wind”( going back West) is always better the lighter you are because you are going against the wind . Eastbound usually has the wind to your back….yea!  (but not always)
     Miles today: 150
   6pm— I have my paperwork to do (logbook etc. unload info,calculate load envelope, make out new envelope for 2morrow6-16-2011-2) and now am off work for the day.   Relax!