Weather was down right cold this morning in western Wyoming.  Got out of the gate at 6am though and stopped for fuel  at Little America, Wy. and Daddy-o went over to McDonalds for some take out breakfast while i fueled the truck. The pump clicked off at 189 gal. and $749.00. I guess the station has a dollar limit and I didn’t get to fill all the way up. Only missing about 20 gals. or so. Thats  ok since I don’t want to be too full when I load my next load which I saw last nite late on the computer so I called early and it was still there so I committed to it for Friday morn.  That will take me over the weekend. It  goes up to Wisconsin area.   Since I really don’t know how much weight the next load will really be , I would rather be a little light when I get it on and can always get more then. Supposed to be around 43,500#
9am—–   Next I called the consignee ( receiver) and checked to make sure the crane appointment was in order and he said the riggers and crane would be at building at 9:30am Thurs. I told him that I would be under the curfew for city area and could not be there until about 10am. I can travel at 9am when the curfew is over, into the city with rush hour over but is quite a ways in.
1pm—    Out on the super slab, the sky was blue and I had a tail wind so everything was going well . We saw many antelope jumping and running out in the mountains on the way by. Also   scattered oil rigs pumping as coming through Cheyenne and heading south. Cheyenne is such a nice town and is just the right size to live in , I would think. The only thing I don’t like about that area is the wind and  it does blow! We stopped there  for showers and a break before coming south. I know of a good place to stop for the nite and we arrived early (3pm). I don’t have to hurry tonite.    
   One little repair to get done when unloaded tomorrow: hood cable broke when we opened the hood . There are two altogether so can still get it open without it dropping to the ground–not a good thing.  have to be really careful for now!    Happy Trails                                          401 miles today======589 miles yesterday