Eastbound and down




   5am:  Weather in Eastern Or. this morning was on the cool side (45 or so) when I awoke.  Twilight was a little way off so I made some coffee for Daddy-o and  started to get ready to go. I started the APU (Auxzillary Power Unit—Generator)  and plugged in coffee maker and crawled back in for 5  more minutes. I was so tired from yesterday,  just wasn’t enough time to get completely rested. Oh well, I’ll take a nap later.
   The first thing I ended up doing yesterday was pick a thousand rocks out of my tires before we went to load. If you don’t they will embed themselves deeper in the tires and make it worse to get them out. And they won’t all fly out as you drive faster either, like some people say.  My tires have pretty big lugs and they stick hard.
    Daddy-o checked the load out after he got up and I did some paperwork. The sun will be up now in a minute or two so it’s time to get going. I need to try to get to Salt Lake City before the curfew in the afternoon which is from 3:30 to 6pm. you can not take an oversize load through rush hour between those times every day and 6am to 9am in the morning.  I am over 350 miles from there so I need to keep on top of it.
2:30pm—-I stopped for alittle while to have some breakfast in the truck about 9:30 and that was it but just not enough time to get to SLC before the curfew so we had to stop from 3:30 to 6pm and wait………….continued on around SLC which the permit routed for us and added about 85 extra miles because of the height (14′ 7″) of the load and all is well tonite. No low bridges on that route……..Whew!     Happy Trails