oversize load


   Yesterday  an agent called me to see if i was interested in a load coming from the Northwest and going to Aurora, Co. he explained  that the load is an oversize load and will be 11′ wide and 11′ tall on the trailer.  That means it will be 14′ 6″ when sitting on the trailer and 14′ is the legal limit. Also  it will be 11′ wide and 8′ 6″ is the legal width for freight on trailers. So,  it will have to have permits in all states that I travel. Also , when you are hauling permited loads, there are certain regulations that I must follow or it could be dangerous. For example: There will be no night hauling and I must be off the road by sunset and parked. At sunrise I will be able to travel again so i must have my fuel and everything that I need for that day  purchased and ready to go the nite before. I usually just get Subway or something like that  for food as I can’t take the time to go to restaurants when hauling oversize.  We say” We’re burning daylight” and I need to keep going especially if I have a crane appointment to keep when I get near there. I also need to make sure I check all bridge heights as I approach them and  also make allowances for anything that is parked along the hiway or bridge width etc because I’m responsible for  anything that could happen (crunch!) and I will be 11 ‘ wide. This load will not be heavy so that is one good thing. I will be able to run right along. I sometimes like to haul these loads as I have to stop early and that is good because I can eat at supper time instead of later ,as can happen if I don’t get going early enough in the morning. This way I must be “out the gate” by sunrise. I try to run at least 500 to 600 miles a day and I must keep agoing to meet those numbers.